Mass Effect series NPD first-month Xbox 360 sales comparison

A comprehensive look at the first-month NPD sales figures for three main games in the popular Mass Effect role-playing game series from acclaimed developer, Bioware.

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kevnb2109d ago

kinect bundles made the difference.

Anon19742109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

"Although Mass Effect 3 outsold Mass Effect 2 by nearly twice the amount on the Xbox 360 during its first month, the NPD report period is five times longer"

That's that's kinda a moot point considering that, according to other tracking sites which should at least give us a ballpark figure, Mass Effect 3 did about 800k of those numbers in week 1. It doesn't really matter that Mass 2's numbers were over 5 days when Mass 3's numbers for that first week were still almost double. The point is still, on the Xbox alone in the US - Mass Effect 3's numbers were huge. That also flys in the face of those that are claiming "Yeah, but it received a price cut!" That price cut wasn't week one, when Mass 3 did the bulk of it's sales for the month.

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