Domain may reveal Activision's secret Bond video game called "007: Legends"

With the James Bond film franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, there is a lot of buzz about the next Bond film Skyfall. What has remained a mystery, however, is whether Activision will release a new Bond game in 2012. If Activision is set to launch the next Bond game, it looks like we might have a very appropriate title: 007 Legends. In late March, Danjaq LLC (the holding company for James Bond copyright and trademarks), acquired the domain name While this may not seem significant, it's not the whole picture.

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VanillaBear2411d ago

I wish Acitivision would give the Bond rights to someone else. Hell even back to EA would be a good start

The last good Bond game was Nightfire...

DarkBlood2411d ago

with what EA being right now, i dont think neither is a good idea

StayStatic2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Where did RARE disappear too , they need to get back on the case and while their at it we could do with a new perfect dark :P

I mean who the hell wants Activision spitting out CoD clones with Bond skins , I mean what the hell lol.

Soldierone2410d ago

Thats why I hated the last was basically just an expansion of COD and I was like "seriously? This is what your charging me 60 dollars for?"

They were better off selling it as DLC to Black Ops.

adorie2410d ago

Rare is gone. I don't even look at the Microsoft owned Rare as the same Rare that was developing for Nintendo.

-Ninja-2410d ago

That's an odd name for a game.

LOL_WUT2410d ago

Didn't the last James Bond game flop?

Activision really needs some new IP's that are not shooters.

-Ninja-2410d ago

The entire industry needs new IP's that are not shooters.

Moncole2410d ago

When ever we get a new IP nobody buys it and than everyone complains they want a sequel to a game they like. Talk with your money and not with your mouth.

Soldierone2410d ago

Yeah because it was Call of Duty: 007 Wannabe