8 Functions that could benefit the PlayStation Vita

ITF Gaming, Editor, Darryl Linington writes: "I have spent a lot of time using the PlayStation Vita; however, as much as the device is a stunning piece of technology, it is indeed limited to certain functions. Additionally, these functions should have been included in the launch model, which leads me to believe that they were not considered during the development phase of the Vita, or they have been planned to be implemented at a later stage."

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-Ninja-2432d ago

"The ability to change the aspect ratio while viewing video content"
You can already do that. You just need to tap the screen while a video is playing.

ITFGaming2432d ago

Thanks for this. There was no clear indication on how to do it, so went ahead and included my thoughts on the aspect ratio into the article. But I will add it in now. Thanks once again.

-Ninja-2432d ago

Did you know that the Copy/Paste function is half implemented too?. I say "half implemented" because if you hold the L button while in the browser, you can highlight text by dragging your finger around the screen, you cant do anything with the text, though. VERY sloppy on Sony's part, i must say.

ITFGaming2432d ago

As much as I dig the Vita, half of a function doesn't cut it these days, Sony should realise this.I mean bread is awesome, but add butter and it is epic! Would be intersting to hear about any other things you have come across.

-Ninja-2432d ago

The only other thing i know is how to use the browser while in-game. I didn't find this, a guy named skyghene22 on Youtube found it. I dont know the details of the trick, so check out his videos. I'm a subscriber to that guys videos, they are usually very good.

ShadowSniper2432d ago

Limited?? Still better than that 3DS -.-

Smashbro292431d ago

It needs PS1 support is what it needs!

Goozex2431d ago

all ps1 games are playable via remote access smash bro29