How Much Would You Pay To Be Leon S. Kennedy?

Or at least wear his clothes.

Monday, April 11 2012, Capcom announced that the limited Resident Evil 6 Collectors Edition would cost an unprecedented US$1,300 dollars (¥105,000) and would include a copy of the game, four Resident Evil 6 tablet covers (for each of your friends…?) and an authentic Leon Kennedy leather jacket (haircut not included).

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jc485732406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I will be spending 1200 dollars with 2 ladies cosplayed as Jill and Claire. Actually make that three, Sheva is going to show up on her "tribal" costume later tonight.

vortis2405d ago

The "Funny" was lost on three people who disagreed with you...probably the real life Jill, Claire and Sheva.

dark-hollow2405d ago

$1200 for the jacket.

the rest of his clothes comes later with RE 6 the gold edition for $3000

MySwordIsHeavenly2405d ago

I WAS LeonSKennedy4Life until my account got banned like three years ago. Freakin' mods. Yeah! You heard me!

DrPepper2405d ago

i wouldn't pay anything because i am Leon S. Kennedy

young7yang2405d ago

not a damn thing.. I hope Chris kicks the crap out of him!

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