Pluggedin: Twisted Metal Review

Pluggedin: Way back when I was but a tyke in upstate New York, my dad used to take me to the car races. They were big oval dirt track blitzes with roaring souped-up stock cars that sent clouds of dust and grit wafting over the crowd. Every once in a while the track owners would feature a demolition derby as well. Old jalopies crashed into one another in a free-for-all melee until only one was left running amidst a field of crumpled sheet metal, shredded rubber and spurting engine fluids.

In a way, Sony's car combat game Twisted Metal is a berserk blending of those two events. But it's not a blending I would have recognized as a boy. This is a very dark and nasty blending, an apocalyptic corruption complete with motorized monstrosities, ballistic projectiles, machine guns and big-bang mines. Death tenaciously attaches itself to the destruction, sending a lot more spurting than just oil and antifreeze.

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