Can Darksiders 2 Save THQ?

As most gamers know THQ has a lot riding on the success of Darksiders II. The game is supposed to come out in early summer. But there has been some disturbing recent news that the game might be delayed. 2011 was not the greatest year for THQ, and Darksiders may be the only way out of the hole.

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PopRocks3592201d ago

They're certainly hyping it up (particularly the Wii U version) enough to make them some money.

Venox20082200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

they should do one smart move, but they won't.. release all versions on the same day.. (wii U, Ps3, X360) .. PC version later.. so they could make more profit..

hiredhelp2201d ago

Metro last light where its at.

GhettoBlasStarr2201d ago

Wow, you're disagreeing with with me because I'm looking forward to Darksiders 2......
I hope the next time you touch you're keyboard it blows off you booger infested troll finger.

Kran2201d ago

I think Darksiders and Metro are 2 franchises im sure that THQ could well and truly sell.

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The story is too old to be commented.