Kid Icarus: Uprising Sold 140k Units in March

The NPD reports that Kid Icarus: Uprising sold a total of 140k units in North America in the month of March. While that number is not gigantic, it is an impressive figure for a game that launched on the 3DS and only had eight days of sales in the month.

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MultiConsoleGamer2407d ago

That's a great number for only 8 days.

azizmb2407d ago

Agreed, pretty great performance for this particular game on that particular system (the game is great, but I'm sure it didn't have a big amount of followers like a Mario game would).

Tenkay232407d ago

Don't forget Its practically a new IP and not a sequel. New IP's don't always sell well so these numbers are good.

avenger.avrs2407d ago

I am one of those:) It is an awesome game. I already have like 60+ hours online with it.

TheCagyDies2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I hope we see a Kid Icarus Wii U game. Lady Palutena and Pit are great characters and they are up there with Zelda, Peach, Mario, and Link IMO.

Agreed, very enjoying.

avenger.avrs2407d ago

I really enjoyed how easily the characters played off of each other. It was quite amusing.

Spenok2407d ago

Those are definitly very good sales numbers considering it only had just over a week of sales in that month. I would have been one of them too had i my 3DS with me. But ill buy it eventually. So not to worry. That sales number is guarunteed at least one more! xD