Microsoft to "Further Monetize Xbox LIVE Subscriber Base"

Something interesting found on a LinkedIn job resume. Can this be a hint at free-to-play titles, or something else?

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SleazyChimp2408d ago

I'd say it has to do with getting rid of MS points, at least I hope anyway. Let's hope it's not another way to milk more money out of gamers.

GraveLord2408d ago

It's Microsoft. Knowing them, they'll be milking more money out of misinformed casuals. It's a sad reality.

cstyle2408d ago

MS is continuing to improve on Live which is a good thing.

Hicken2408d ago


How are they improving Live? How does this snippet of information hint at that, and not them seeking to generate more revenue?

cstyle2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Well this is a business and making money is the overall goal here. They are also spending tons on live too. Live is an essential part of xbox business strategy and its great that they are improving on it every year. Sony should take notes and do the same. Apparently they could use the extra cash.

BuffMordecai2407d ago

The only thing they could learn from them is how to nickel and dime a person to death and charge for services that should be free. Oh, I almost forgot, how to not make games.

Rupee2407d ago

Agreed. Hope they improve live and continue to build on what they've got.