God of War IV: What Sony Could Do | On PlayStation’s Facebook page yesterday a simple picture was displayed. The colouring of the image coupled with the question “will vengeance bring redemption” immediately led to assumptions that the date given, 4/19/12, would mark the official announcement of God of War IV.

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Amazingmrbrock2411d ago

I really just hope that they push kratos to the side and introduce a new main character. I love the gameplay, and for the first two games was alright playing as kratos. By the end of the third though I was just sick, he had lost all sympathy, empathy, anything I might have had for him. He literally became just some screaming savage playing out the trope.

Sure in the end he mostly did the right thing kinda, after annihilating the world. Plus there's really no keeping the guy down, no matter haw many times he gets sent to hell. It really just makes the gruesome ending all the more inevitable.

Which is why I think a new character would be great. We could see the journey of someone who hasn't climbed out of hell a handful of times already. They can't raise the stakes for Kratos any more, he's got no family, he's destroyed the world and it's rulers. He's the ultimate bad ass, nothing can stop him, he's crazier than the Terminator.

Maybe they could set it the next game on his brother or something. Then on the vita have a prequel game with kratos, cause they can't leave him right out of things.

GamingPerson2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

What is Kratos took a fart! And then you could see it's journey and fly around like that game flower! Flower was awsome!

I always wondered where a fart goes or does it just disappear?

sorry off topic.

God Of War 4 will be god like.

sinncross2411d ago

i still dont understand why oeople still stereotype Kratos by the end of GoW3. he comes to understand what his blind rage has caused upon the world, and does what is possible the first selfless act he has in his life when he allows his death to release Hope onto the world so that there will be balance against the evils of Pandroas box.

He understands the mistakes he has made, and on top of that is finally able to accept the guilt he has over what he did to his family, something he had never been able to do.

That said, if this is GoW4, KRatos all teh way. The only way they could not make Kratos the main character was if they started a new trilogy with a new mythology. Then sure, give us s new and different hero, new storyline... that works. And keeps the series fresh.

I agree with the author on making co-op a seperate mode. Like, not a different campaign, but the same game just with 2 players and without any story elements. Just pure action. Kratos can fight by himself, that is part of his appeal.

In addition, it would be interesting if they added like a points mode... like old skool beat em ups, which is kinda what GoW is like but just in 3D. A points mode would be a niec addition to extend the life of the game outside of the campaign. Even add a points mode to co-op.

I suppose GoW4 could use more platforming... but I never found them difficult in GoW3 at all.. i think teh still camera works really well in teh game too.

Optional move support... yeah sure why not as long as it is optional.

Cant wait for 19th... cant wait to see is From Ashes is even related or not.

smashcrashbash2411d ago

I agree. It's not like his anger wasn't justified. People just don't seem to understand how badly Kratos was tortured and treated. The Gods were horrible people in Greek and Roman stories.If you read any of them you will see how badly they treated their half God children. Even Chronos tried to eat all of his children to prevent them from over throwing him.

If people read books like this they would see why Kratos was so angry. If they read Hercules they would realize how much he was tortured by Hera basically because she didn't like him.Gaia's son was basically abandoned and ignored and he took it out on people who crossed his path. Compared to most of them Kratos was a saint. He at least showed remorse or concern for things. I'll bet people didn't even the remember the look on his face when he realized he killed Athena. He truly looked as if he was sorry that he had done it.


Bad gods,bad men,bad reasons
average game,average men,wrong reasons
wasn't always like this

Monkeysmoke2411d ago

Since the olympian gods has fallen, the norse gods descend to earth to claim power which the great olympian gods and titans wielded for many years.

This time around all hopes will lie on kratos to save man kind from the babarian norse gods.

This time kratos will face new foes ( Odin, Thor, Loki and more Vikings and possibly the Frost giants ).

That's safest direction the story can go imo.

THC CELL2411d ago


It did end in a modern day so maybe science re animate him to fight a modern war