Preview: ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ Adversarial Multiplayer [Game Rant]

Game Rant gets hands-on with the competitive side of ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ multiplayer. Read on for our impressions and details on the four game modes.

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MrBean2434d ago

Ghost Recon is what socom 4 should've been ,finally a true tatical game since Socom Confrontation definitely a first day buy for a true socom vet

BattleAxe2434d ago

You must be new to the Socom series to be giving Confrontation any kind of praise. Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm on PS2 (Island Thunder on Xbox) and GRAW2 were every bit as tactical as Socom, and it looks like this game might continue the GR legacy. You're right though, this would be an awesome opportunity to take some of the great aspects of the Socom series and add them to the GR series.

MrBean2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Hopefully ubisoft is developing some socom type game modes as dlc such as extraction or VIP escort

GameRant2434d ago

Saboteur is sort of like that since players must escort the briefcase bomb carrier.

FarCryLover1822434d ago

Is it 6 vs. 6 or 8 vs. 8? I have heard that it was taken down to 6 vs. 6, but I cannot find a confirmation on this.

GameRant2434d ago

It's 6v6 with two squads of three on each team.

MrMister2434d ago

I seen the control scheme for the game and noticed theres no melee button. What happens when enemy is in close range? Can you hip fire instead? Also, are there measures in the game to help reduce the kind of camping that is rampant in cover-shooter games?

I was very interested in this game because my favorite 3rd person shooter (Metal gear Online) is going offline. But this game looks very similar, however, I hope the cover system doesn't encourage excessive camping. At least in uncharted 3, even when you take cover, the side or the top of your head is still revealed so the enemy can TRY to wipe out the camping scumbag. But MOST cover based shooters seem to not have a way of getting around campers (sorry if I seem skeptical--it's just that I'm upset MGO is going offline)

MrBean2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

For those looking for more info on the multiplayer component to this game there's in-depth hands on gameplay video on or YouTube/machinima