Bringing Back Space Combat Games

Could the fan-made ‘Wing Commander’ sequel, the Kickstarter-backed ‘Starlight Inception’ and the mobile ‘Rogue Star’ lead the way for the return of space sims?

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Godmars2902410d ago

I want space games back, but more Aubird Force, Mater of Orion or Infinite Space on the PS3/360.

h311rais3r2410d ago

We need more game variety period. As much as I love halo bf killzone arma and resorchestra there are too many shooters.

Effect21Blog2410d ago

Imagine them with today's graphics...

SandwichHammock2410d ago

Interestingly timed article for me personally. I'm currently playing Freelancer and was just thinking the other night how awesome it would be to have something similar with so many options of play (be a trader, miner, fighter pilot) and then realized that we do. X 1-3, Freespace, EVE. Has anyone seen the Cyborg flight stick, thing makes me want to build a cockpit. Which brings me to a quick point. I was very surprised that people don't really build cockpit setups for space sims, only flight sims. I thought there would be a bunch of hardcore EVE players with setups, but can't find any when I googled.


Bathyj2410d ago

Bring back Colony Wars

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