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Submitted by donniebaseball 1395d ago | news

PS3 needs a price cut to "remain competitive"

Sony and Kaz Hirai have plenty to think about when it comes to overhauling the company's strategy at all levels. On the gaming front, the company has to prepare for next-gen during a time when it's about to suffer its worst loss in history. It's certainly a fine line to walk. (Industry, PS3, Sony)

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Darkieinthemist  +   1395d ago | Intelligent
no it doesnt
Dante112  +   1395d ago
Mmm, I don't think so especially after seeing how well and close the PS3 sold to the 360 in March in the USA( 34k difference between them). Happened in February as well, on a 40K difference. I think the PS3 might actually be leading WW this year.


Edit: @ NYC Gamer

Yeah, that be great for both. A $199 PS3 would hit the sweet spot.
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blue7_7  +   1394d ago
Yeah it kind of does if it wants to stay competitive. 40k difference is quite significant considering the Xbox 360 has had no price cut for who knows how many years now like 4 plus years or more and the PS3 just recently had a price cut which did almost nothing to it. So still being outsold by it's competitor by 40k when one got a price cut and the other didn't is a big deal.

I know I will get disagree but it's true people tend to forget the PS3 had a price cut that's how insignificant it was people forget it actually had one.
Dante112  +   1394d ago
@ Blue

But the PS3 still costs more than the 360, even with it's price cut. The 360's been cheaper for 4 plus years as well lol. For the PS3 to be priced more and only get outsold by 34k (was 40k in Feb) in MS's home territory is pretty good to me. That's why you are probably getting diasgrees.
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blue7_7   1394d ago | Immature | show
cynosure  +   1394d ago

"But the PS3 still costs more than the 360, even with it's price cut. The 360's been cheaper for 4 years lol. "

So what?
Sony had two generations of success and mind+marketshare
It shouldn't be trailing the 360 period

"Microsoft does not concern us. Microsoft is not a technology company."
- Nobuyuki Idei, Sony chief corporate adviser in an interview with BBC NEWS

"I have no concerns about the competition."
- Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios speaking at the Game Developer Conference

"I don’t think we’re arrogant."
– Phil Harrison, regarding consumer perception of Sony

"It’s probably too cheap…"
– Ken Kutaragi, Regarding the $499 to $599 price point

"A bit pricey."
- Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, speaking about Nintendo Wii in an interview with the

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GraveLord  +   1394d ago
PS3 was leading in worldwide sales at this time last year as well. But in the end Microsoft out-shipped Sony. Sales tracking sites show that the PS3 was the best selling console of 2011 to consumers.

On topic: Sure PS3 needs a price cut to stay America. I'd say the 360 is in serious need of a price cut if it wants to outsell the PS3 this year.
ABizzel1  +   1394d ago
Does it need a price cut to stay competitive?


Will a price cut help sales?


A $199 price, would probably be enough to finally let the PS3 see a number 1 spot in the US, and possibly number 1 Worldwide for the rest of this generation (Unless we see a $99 360 at the same time).
k-dillinger  +   1394d ago
hey can sum1 tell me what xbox sold ww for the 2011 fiscal year anyone knows because sony hasn't posted for their last quarter yet i wanna compare let me know
insomnium2  +   1394d ago
No need for a pricecut. X360's wind is dying down. X360 sold good cause of marketting of Kinect. The Kinect fad is dying down as it clearly points out in NPD sales numbers.

If anything X360 needs another ad campaigne to remain above PS3. The difference in sales that X360 gains in a month in USA is offset in a week or two in Japan alone. Europe favours also Sony so unless MS comes up with a hefty pricecut or an ad campaigne this is more than likely going to be the year when PS3 starts leading against X360 in lifetime sales.

You heard it here first folks. You can bookmark this if you want.
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miyamoto  +   1394d ago
Never trust them sales figures.
These bloggers are just generationg buzz & clicks. same old story. Let Sony run their business. word wars ain't gonna change nothing for Ps3.
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THESONYPS3  +   1394d ago
World Wide PS3 owns
TotalHitman  +   1394d ago
America isn't the world Dante...

Look at Japan and the rest of the world. The PS3 is doing fine.
SilentNegotiator  +   1394d ago
"40k difference is quite significant"

They were both >330K in sales, so not really. 40K is like, 12% or so of those figures.
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Montrealien  +   1394d ago
To think that over 6 years into the current console cycle, people are still arguing about this nonsense, is hilarious.
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Montrealien  +   1394d ago

It's been proven time and time again that both Sony Nintendo and MS use shipped numbers in their repports.

Thinking Sony alone would be stupid enough to downvalue their stock by simply stating the sales to customers is a fanboys utopic wet dream...
zero_cool  +   1394d ago
No but it could put it over in sales so just look at it that way.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!
Gamer1982  +   1394d ago
The ps3 might be leading WW this year? Its been leading WW for a long time. It's only US its not been leading as for price cut in the UK seems it has got one most stores have already cut it to £160 for 160gb version. That's the same price as the 360 slim 4GB.
Christopher  +   1395d ago
It does, but it won't matter. Microsoft hasn't dropped its price because it hasn't had to, not because it won't make money on a lower price. If Sony lowers its price, so will Microsoft.

The only thing Sony can do is drop it drastically to a point that will at least match what Microsoft will price their low end console.

If Sony can't compete with the low-end price point of the 360 in the U.S., it will continue to get trampled. And, even with that type of price point, sales likely won't see but a temporary surge but not enough to make that much of a dent in the U.S. Worldwide may be another item.
sikbeta  +   1395d ago
No price-cuts before/until Wii-U launch, MS is smart and will block with price-cut, Sony will follow
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Megaton  +   1395d ago
Agreed. It needs a cut, but it will have minimal impact anyway. Sony is in a tough spot. They dawdled and made too many missteps for too long and now Microsoft has the "it" console. I don't think the PS3 will ever surpass the 360 in sales, and I have serious doubts about Sony's performance next generation as well.

I think Sony's success next gen hinges entirely on whether or not the network effect created by the 360 will extend to Microsoft's next console. It's Microsoft's game to lose moving forward. Sony will have to continue working to claw their way out of the hole they created for themselves this generation.
lover2012  +   1394d ago
wow yes mmmmm
ps3 in very tough spot that why the gap is almost closed
now 2.5m
after it was 9m with a year head start for xbox
and it was only 34k behind xbox in xbox home this month
how are the sales of xbox in ps3 home BTW ??

ps3 is doing very amazing job in worldwide and looking at the numbers in NPD it's doing amazing too in US
it does not need a price cut at all
but you guys can say
and beleive what ever help you sleep the night
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Christopher  +   1394d ago
@lover2012: The gap being discussed is specific to NA. That gap is about 13M in NA. So, when the analysts say what they think will help Sony to decrease this gap, you can't just throw the logic of the worldwide numbers at them. They're not talking about that. They're keeping it solely to NA numbers.

I agree that Sony makes up for a ton of their losses in Europe and Asia, but that doesn't change the status of sales in NA.
Megaton  +   1394d ago
Not to mention that the worldwide gap was down under 1 million in the past. It has been steadily growing for a couple years now as Microsoft dominates the world's largest market.

People like to point to Japan as proof of Sony's success, but Japan is a small fraction of the size of the NA market. Europe is a better sample of success abroad, but it's also significantly smaller than the NA market. Sales in Europe are also typically pretty close between the 360 and PS3.

@cgoodno - It was down to around 500k if I remember correctly. There were articles around here beginning to claim the PS3 had passed the 360 because of it. It was in 2008, I think. The year when Sony was outselling Microsoft in all regions until Q4 (thought to be the result of Microsoft channel stuffing in late 2007).
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Christopher  +   1394d ago
***Not to mention that the worldwide gap was down under 1 million in the past. It has been steadily growing for a couple years now as Microsoft dominates the world's largest market.***

No, that's not true. Closest it's gotten is to about 3m. It's grown to a max of about 4M since then and has fluctuated between 3.6M and 4M since then. It was never down to 1M, let alone even 2M based on official numbers (who knows with VGChartz numbers, though).

@Megaton: ***It was down to around 500k if I remember correctly. There were articles around here beginning to claim the PS3 had passed the 360 because of it. It was in 2008***

That was only on annual worldwide sales. That was not total console sales since this generation began.

@below: ***so what are you saying is sony should lower the price to close the gap in one region ***

I agree with the analysts that are saying it. I also say that it won't have as drastic of a result as people may think, but it will open up some potential for Sony to increase software sales dramatically, which is where they make most of their money in the first place. Since they are only slightly behind 360 in software sales worldwide, increasing their customer base will only make it so that they can sell even more software to beat 360 at that without having to actually beat them at hardware sales in the U.S.
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Gamer3000  +   1394d ago
"I agree that Sony makes up for a ton of their losses in Europe and Asia, but that doesn't change the status of sales in NA "

so what are you saying is sony should lower the price to close the gap in one region
when they are dooing mighty fine in the rest of the world ????

in japan xbox is dead
can you show me what region ps3 is not selling well in it ???
even in NA it's doing very awesome even when it's the most expensive console
if sony lower the price
to let's say 200 or 199
xbox wouldn't stand a chance
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cynosure  +   1394d ago

The gap is 3.8 million based on last fiscal reports
The gap was 8 million not 9 million
It wasnt a year head start.
It was Sony launching a year late
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Christopher  +   1394d ago
***It wasnt a year head start.
It was Sony launching a year late ***

PS1 - Dec. 1994
PS2 - Mar. 2000
Xbox - Nov. 2001
Xbox 360 - Nov. 2005
PS3 - Nov. 2006

Sony created a 6-year separation between releases. Microsoft only had 4 but hasn't kept up with that.

Either way, both Sony releasing late and Microsoft releasing ahead is a comparative statement making both of them true. You've just chosen to shine a negative light on Sony rather than a positive one on Microsoft.
aaronobst   1394d ago | Trolling | show
insomnium2  +   1394d ago
My god some of you people must be insane....

Could someone please enlighten me what does it matter that/when/if USA is the biggest market when the difference is only 34k-40k a MONTH between PS3 and X360? In what way is the size of the market even relevant?

I would say purely based on facts that Japan is way more significant market since the difference in sales between these very same consoles is TRIPLE in a month there.

Do you people understand where I'm coming from with this? Are you capable of looking at this subject in an OBJECTIVE manner? 1+1=2 you know.....right? I have no idea how is it even possible to not to see this.

***Yeah but when putting up an article about a system needing a price cut, you have to take all units worldwide into account***

I disagree with that. ***

A pricecut solely in USA would anger other regions so...
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Christopher  +   1394d ago
***A pricecut solely in USA would anger other regions so...***

i'm fairly certain you understand that a price cut would be worldwide. I also hope you understand that analyzing and discussing the issues of a region happens every day. So, when I say we don't have to take into account world figures, meaning how many are sold outside NA, that's what I mean. I didn't say the price change wouldn't be global. I said, much like how there is an SCEA, you analyze what you need to do to help grow the business in one region as well as them all. And the answer is not always going to be the same from one to another. But, when the answer in one region ends up being a price drop, it will likely affect the other regions as well, even if they don't need it like the region in question.
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showtimefolks  +   1394d ago
well if we are asking sony to cup the price to compete with xbox360 than i feel like that's just stupid, Xbox360 has a killer app called kinect there is no way for sony to compete with that. Sony needs to keep doing what its doing and 34K difference in march and 40K in february doesn't mean much when world wide sony will recover that number and than gain ground.

34K difference covered in japan and than some for sony.

I think sony this time around will wait for MS to drop the price because let's say MS goes to $250 than sony can follow that up with $199 and make bigger news, and with that extra attention they can sell faster

I don't know when people will realize this but xbox360 can stay ahead few million but if end of this gen ps3 is at 110 million and xbox360 is at 113 what's the difference? its about selling well its not a race so if sony can still sell over 100 million ps3's how is that not success. This fanboy war is just between gamers i don't think MS or sony care as much as long as they keep on selling their systems

from the reports next xbox360 will have bluray that means some sort of way some money will go to sony

sony's computers use windows and MS software so they have to pay MS

right now to sony it should be about keep the sales up and making a profit you tell me how they gonna make the profit if the cut another $50?
mcstorm  +   1394d ago
I agree with what you have said and tbh the salws of both the 360 and ps3 are doing well so late on in the gen. Yes sony lost some of the market to ms and nintendo this gen but it could be different next gen too.

For me sony need to drip the price of the psv to get its sales up lake nintendo did with the 3ds before developers decide to drop there support for the poor sales.
Jazz4108  +   1394d ago
This is the same pattern every year. Usually sony until recently was even outselling 360 in the us at the beginning of the year. Ten when the holiday season hits 360 outsells ps3 worldwide and pushes the gap back up. This has happened so many times I can't believe anyone is even praising sony for only being 38.000 consoles behind for a month in NA where they are 13 million behinf lifetime. Wait till holiday and 360 wll outsell the ps3 ww again. Ribnse and repeat.In response to america being anti ps3 then why don't you add north ameirca to the ever increasing ban list that sony and fas are known for.
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cynosure  +   1394d ago
@ Gravelord
360 was the number one selling consoles based on fiscal reports directly from the companys.
There is no such thing as over shipping.Everything works off supply and demand
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MysticStrummer  +   1394d ago
PS3 has been selling faster than the competition since it launched. Seems pretty competitive to me.
MostJadedGamer  +   1394d ago
Um yes it does, and it has been way overdue. The PS3 SHOULD have been at $199 last E3. The PS3 has been overpriced all the way through this generation, and that is why it is in last place.

There is no point in waiting any longer. Sony MUST drop the PS3 to $199 at E3. There is still time to put up massive sales numbers at $199, but that time window is shrinking.
NeoBasch  +   1394d ago
My thoughts exactly. Nothing major came out here in America this last month, yet it was only behind the 360 by 40K. Microsoft is losing their lead. They definitely don't need to. They're already giving Microsoft a run for their money in their only leading territory. It's quite a turn of events this last couple months have been for Sony.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think Sony should cut the price tag by another $50. If they're smart, they should try and break the camel's back before Halo 4 comes out. This is their chance to take over. They need to overshadow Microsoft's ace in the hole.

This has nothing to do with personal tastes, though. I hope people pick up The Witcher 2. If you don't have a 360, get one. Get one, now! In contrast, I couldn't recommend a PS3 now. I mean, obviously, the back catalog, but besides that. There's not really that much interesting coming out until the end of the year.

Maybe StarHawk, but I'm more pessimistic about that. Don't get me wrong. I love multiplayer and WOWhawk was amazing, but I'm longing for great single-player experiences and I'm not sure StarHawk will deliver that.
sinncross  +   1394d ago
It seems like people are disagreeing with price cutting.

Yeah sure, it is selling at a good pace. But in all honesty, they will want a price cut nevertheless not only to look more competitive, but also with the imminent release of The Wii U, to undercut that somehow.

I think a price cut is best, even if just a small one... does not need to be anything extreme as long as Sony can still profit from it.
crzyjackbauer  +   1394d ago
yeah it seems people are just retarded these days
no to a price cut?
i sold my ps3 last year because it got bored with it
but if you ask me a $199 price tag on a ps3 would make me think twice about getting it again
hiredhelp  +   1394d ago
your right it doesnt need price cut to maintain competitive.
it has free online that in its self is worth the extra cost let alone the rest it offers you.
andibandit  +   1394d ago
PS3 is pretty much doomed if it dosnt get a price cut soon. just look at how bad the vita did
NYC_Gamer  +   1395d ago
Here's my guess....both 360/PS3 will receive price cuts after E3...
donniebaseball  +   1395d ago
Yeah I think it's likely that both will receive price cuts at some point this year. Both MS and Sony will want to put the pressure on Wii U's launch.
cynosure  +   1395d ago
I agree
360 will definitely get one.It hasn't had one since slim release
PS3 will probably have to follow suit
GodHandDee  +   1395d ago
No it doesn't. It's currently handily outselling the 360 and wii in Europe and Japan. And is also very close to 360 in NA.
Christopher  +   1395d ago
This article is specific to NA. The analysts are from NA and the sales being noted are for NA.
Snookies12  +   1395d ago
Yeah but when putting up an article about a system needing a price cut, you have to take all units worldwide into account. A system would not be getting a price cut just because it's behind in one region.
GodHandDee  +   1395d ago
damn man you have so many bubbles 0_0

But like I said they are slightly behind 360 and selling almost twice as much as the wii in NA. This is while dominating in other regions. I doubt sony are unhappy with the situation. They are in a good state sales wise
Christopher  +   1395d ago
***Yeah but when putting up an article about a system needing a price cut, you have to take all units worldwide into account***

I disagree with that. The concept is based on a large market as identified by the region. When looking to see what would make changes to it, many of those have been covered.

It used to be, PS3 needs games. It's got games. Tons of them. Exclusives included. That didn't change the trend in NA.

It was then features. Well, it has those as well, including an alternative game subscription option, video watching (tons of options here), video editing, MMOs, etc. That didn't change the trend in NA.

So, what else is there that could be done to increase PS3 sales in NA? More games? That didn't really work in the first place. More features? They have to do that already just to keep up with Microsoft, a software company known for integrating everything they can get their hands on into their OS.

In all honesty, price is key. Will it affect worldwide pricing as well? Yup, but it still is what is needed in NA to make a change. Does it mean that the pricing shouldn't reflect a global initiative? No, but it's the one thing they can do to increase potential in sales in NA since they've tried everything else.

Well, everything other than putting out a new console with better capabilities but with a reasonable price tag.
kreate  +   1395d ago

perhaps a 500m dollar advertising may do the trick?

Or is america just anti-ps3?
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lover2012  +   1394d ago
1) would you plz add NA in the title bec this is so misleading

2) again looking at the numbers from NPD
Ps3 was only 30K behind xbox
Ps3 331k
xbox 371K
it almost neck and neck in NA
and you need to take WW units into account
where ps3 is leading the sales
not just one region that ps3 is behind by only 30K

that's like saying xbox need a pice cut to "remain competitive" in japan
Christopher  +   1394d ago
***not just one region that ps3 is behind by only 30K ***

Behind in 30k sales for a single month. That's 360k a year if you ignore that the variance is a percentage amount (not a flat number) that increases in difference during major game releases and Holiday seasons.. Meaning they are continually losing ground.

So, if 360 has 36m in NA and PS3 has 23M, that disparity is only going to continue to increase. They are saying a price decrease is what they think is needed in order to reduce the chance of that happening.

***that's like saying xbox need a pice cut to "remain competitive" in japan***

Please don't tell me you believe that. There are 7x as many PS3s sold in Japan as 360s. There are only a little more than 33% more 360s sold in U.S. than PS3s. The percentage of difference is slightly different so as to make them incomparable.

***perhaps a 500m dollar advertising may do the trick? ***

Only if they were doing along with a new concept similar to Kinect. Otherwise, they'd be wasting money on trying to get people to buy the same thing from the last 5+ years.

***Or is america just anti-ps3?***

Obviously they're not anti-PS3, they just prefer the 360.
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kreate  +   1394d ago
"Does it mean that the pricing shouldn't reflect a global initiative? No, but it's the one thing they can do to increase potential in sales in NA since they've tried everything else."

it almost sounds like they tried everything else except a price cut. to my knowledge, didnt they price cut the PS3 already?

not too long ago it use to be 300 got down to 250.

obviously america isnt particularly anti-ps3 but if that's the case, what is it with america not buying ps3?

im sorry if im being nit-picky here but im sure sony is asking themself the same question.


"Obviously they're not anti-PS3, they just prefer the 360."

in other words, they are anti-ps3 .... -_-;;
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dcbronco  +   1394d ago

Missed the articles on Sony's financial situation, huh.

There is a reason that Sony doesn't advertise much.
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Christopher  +   1394d ago
***obviously america isnt particularly anti-ps3 but if that's the case, what is it with america not buying ps3?***

Microsoft owns NA when it comes to marketing. Sony doesn't have enough money to compete with the billions upon billions of dollars that Microsoft puts into marketing all of their products.

Most AAA multiplatform titles get the 360 swoosh at the end of their trailers in NA. Massive games get timed exclusives or special features (Skyrim is timed, CoD is timed, ME3 was Kinect, etc.). Even FFXIII and FFXIII-2 in NA had the 360 swoosh in the trailers. Still sold more on PS3, but they put a ton of money into that to take away a big chunk of sales from the PS3.

And these are all 'marketing' elements that we don't see like we did the $500m Kinect marketing over a 4 month period.

Sony did get it with Bioshock: Infinite. They also got it with MoH, and Dead Space 2, kind of, but they were weak and not major sellers. Microsoft gets them with the major releases.

***in other words, they are anti-ps3 .... -_-;;***

Anti means to be opposed to or against. Having a preference doesn't make you opposed to the other product, just means you prefer one over the other. I'm not opposed to seafood just because I prefer chicken over it.


***so basically, its not even about the price drop, its about marketing...***

How can it be about the marketing if they can't afford it? The option is drop the price or do nothing. There is no other option considering they can't make money when they are losing it.

It's about the price drop. If the price doesn't drop, they can't increase sales, they can't then increase marketing funds.
#3.1.9 (Edited 1394d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
kreate  +   1394d ago

yea they got no money, but thats no money now, they weren't always broke. they even sold 5% of the shares a while back to use that revenue for the ps3 and other products


so basically, its not even about the price drop, its about marketing...


"It's about the price drop. If the price doesn't drop, they can't increase sales, they can't then increase marketing funds. "

yea i totally agree.
just some points to think about was that, is a price cut going to really be that significant? may or may not be.

what if ps3 goes down to 199 and MS decides to lower the xbox to 149? and nintendo decides to lower the wii to 49?

what if its just a temporary boost in sales than the sales go back to normal?

now u got the same amount of sales but with less money coming back.

all they did was somewhat encourage the competitor's to lower their price.

so lets say with the money they made. they're going to market the same as before. what's to change? subway? 7-11? maybe now its mcdonalds?

who knows...

even if sony is broke doesnt mean they lost all hopes of getting money from elsewhere. i mean they're a big company with a good name.

they can always borrow more or just get more investors to join or ask the current board for more money to market their stuff to increase sales.

its all just speculation we'll just have to wait and see. hypothetical. im not disagreeing with u im just asking what ur thoughts were.
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blue7_7  +   1394d ago
You do realize people like you said that last year that the Xbox 360 only sells in the US and then the year finished and everyone found out the Xbox 360 was the best selling console worldwide not just in the US. Just saying.
cyclonus007  +   1394d ago
MS was lagging behind Sony worldwide for most of last year until the holiday season surge that put Xbox over the top.

And where did that surge come from?

North America.
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jetlian  +   1394d ago
what difference does it make? You dont even know what EU numbers are
dcbronco  +   1394d ago

Sony didn't suddenly become broke. Howard Stringer warned company execs for years that they needed to make changes. They refused to listen to him. Sony hasn't made a profit company wide in over four years. And they have had losses in gaming since 2005. Development of the PS3 put them in a whole long ago. It has changed the last year or two for gaming. But there has been a shortage of money in the gaming section for sometime.

And despite what people think companies can't just spend no matter what. Sony advertised heavily at the launch of the PS3. Even gave away free TVs. But eventually money had to be cut to offset the losses on hardware and advertising is always a good area to start.

The Playstation name is already out there as evidenced by the number of disagrees of any perceived negative Sony comments. But Sony already has those people. The things needed to get others aren't commercials. They are price cuts. So you skip the commercials.
smashcrashbash  +   1395d ago
It's amazing how everyone is always telling Sony what to do as if they are some newbies to the industry, the same people that chanted the PS3 would have been dead by now.
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cynosure  +   1395d ago | Well said
"RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian weighs in on Sony's situation"

Analysts are paid to you know analyse things...
Nobody's telling Sony what to do
Statix  +   1394d ago
Yes, but many of these analysts don't seem to be particularly knowledgeable or insightful with their analyses. It seems short-sighted to say that Sony needs a pricecut to remain competitive, when they've already been more than competitive for the past several years. I don't see them trending out of "competitiveness" in the foreseeable future.

If these analysts are only focusing on North American sales, then that is even more short-sighted of them.

I think it's far more critical for Sony's longterm success that Sony starts focusing all their efforts to ensure that the next-generation PS4/Orbis is a success... This is far more important than a PS3 price drop late in the lifecycle just to try to sell a couple thousand more consoles per month in one region (North America).
#4.1.1 (Edited 1394d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
BitbyDeath  +   1395d ago
Pricecut announcements are also great times to announce new consoles.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1395d ago
It'll happen. Prolly down to 200 or if they wanna be super competitive 150.
TheUnbiasedLion  +   1395d ago
Love N4G, I get people have opinions and everything but some times it's like the comments are directed at Kaz, like he will go onN4G read them and then implement them.
mobhit  +   1395d ago
....No it doesn't.

The fact that the PS3 is staying on top of the 360 is nothing short of amazing. It has the exclusives, the free online experience, and excellent services.

Sony just needs to push it more with advertising.
dcbronco  +   1394d ago
Sony doesn't have a lot of advertising money. Or money period. The exclusives don't sell enough. The free online service cost them several hundred million a year. They need to bring in more money and cut the things that don't make enough.

They really need to start charging something for that online service.
mobhit  +   1394d ago
dcbronco: Do you work for Sony? No.
dcbronco  +   1394d ago
Do you read anything besides game reviews?

Obviously not. Sony is a publicly traded company which means they publish quarterly and annual reports. So anyone that reads the business section of a newspaper, articles about corporations finances or those reports knows Sony has money problems.
archemides518  +   1395d ago about they don't do a price cut and just release ps4 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
listenkids   1395d ago | Immature | show
Tai_Kaliso  +   1394d ago
Sony cant afford to cut the price of the PS3. They are making profit off of it, but if they shave anymore price they will be back to a loss.

Sony is already losing money on every Vita and people want them to lose money on the PS3 again? Its almost like people that write these things have absolutely no business sense.

We are close to a new generation of consoles, Sony cannot afford to take a loss on every PS3, PS4 and Vita. Its just not going to work out that way.

This generation is closed for all intents and purposes and the consoles sold at this point don't matter.

The PS3 is a great machine, but Sony was so overconfident coming into this generation and it cost them big time. The most powerful console NEVER wins the generation.

Its easier for developers to crate games on the weaker machine and port it to the more powerful one, which gave the Xbox 360 superior 3rd party games for most of the generation.

Also, Sony lacked any kind of real direction with their online, almost as if they didn't realize that online gaming would be so popular.

If they are smart they will implement a paid premium service next generation so that they can at least make some money while losing on every console they sell.

The fact is that every console sells for a loss at first, except for Nintendo consoles traditionally. Microsoft can offset that loss with Xbox Live subscriptions, Sony has no real plan like that.

The PS3 is already cheaper than the 250 gig Xbox 360, I just don't see how they could make it cheaper and still turn a profit, if people here really cared about Sony staying in business, they'd realize that.
#11 (Edited 1394d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
mobhit  +   1394d ago
It must be fun presenting data with little or no evidence to back it up. /s
BitbyDeath  +   1394d ago
Sony have PS+ and Home making them money.
Christopher  +   1394d ago
***They are making profit off of it, but if they shave anymore price they will be back to a loss. ***

That was only true two years ago. Not now since they've gotten costs down even further over time. Same with Microsoft, who are only making even more profit than they were before on their hardware.

***Sony is already losing money on every Vita and people want them to lose money on the PS3 again?***

Incorrect. Sony specifically stated that with the Vita they would be pricing it to make a profit right out of the gate, that it would not be like what they did with the PS3.
dcbronco  +   1394d ago

The Vita cost 169.00 for parts according to iSuppli. They would be in the red again if they dropped the price of the PS3 more than $50. Unless they do a die shrink. They need to focus on a shrink if they really want to make it ten years. Once next generation console come out, it will be hard to keep the price of the PS3 above $200 for the high end version.

But they do have to charge for online.

And the PS3 will never catch the 360. MS has room to drop their price and remain profitable.
#11.4 (Edited 1394d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   1394d ago
"The fact is that every console sells for a loss at first, except for Nintendo consoles traditionally. Microsoft can offset that loss with Xbox Live subscriptions, Sony has no real plan like that."

your going to say that when you have not even bothered to look for what Sony is going to do it seem's because Sony has a Plan and i would imagine its one that's going to net them quite a bit of Money to keep their network service free!

just because the business model that Microsoft uses. Does not mean that's the benchmark of a business model that everyone else needs to use.

If that was the case. Every service would be a clone of XBL. while fine for some gamer's many other gamer's would like choice. just like many people said Blu-ray was not needed an HD-DVD was not built right into the xbox360 system because people like choices.

yes they do!

And you want to talk about a way for Sony to offset these Loss'es and allow them to cover the cost's?

you said Sony has no such plan in place!
Well i think Kaz has quite a bit more info about Sony having such plans to go in place. an Its a hell of a lot more than many gamer's on this forum have. Here is just a sample of this plan.

Recent shipment number's for Xperia-Line of SmartPhones

Sony Ericsson Q3 2011 Results – 22m Xperia phones shipped to date; smartphones now 80% of sales

Sony Ericsson has just reported its third quarter results for 2011. Sales of €1.586bn was up 33% from the prior quarter but down 1% compared to the same period last year. These numbers mask the mix change taking place within the company as it moves away from feature phones to smartphones. CEO Bert Nordberg confirmed that smartphones contributed 80% to total sales during Q3

The company shipped 9.5 million units altogether in Q3 2011

Sony Ericsson has shipped 22 million Android Xperia phones to date. The company once again confirmed that Android is its main focus as it moves into 2012.

no wonder Sony owns it 100% now that is quite a number of smartphones / Q: an with the Playstation Suite quite a number of smartphones per Quarter to target to sell Game Software and applications to.

That of course is just Sony only playstation suite certified smartphones an tablets other companies can release their OWN.

People are it seems so narrow minded about ..the PSVita needs its price to be viable in the market, when its not just about the PSVita, Sony wants to sell Playstation games. The mobile sector far an away outstrips the number of units sold an shipped per Quarter than all the game console's do combined in a freaking year.

It takes what 6 to 7+ years for Sony or Nintendo to sell 100 million+ game consoles where as right now Sony by them selves are.

"The company shipped 9.5 million units altogether in Q3 2011"

that's in just one Sales Quarter. an each one of those can play Playstation Suite certified games.

right now there are 8 such devices not including the PSVita which also will be playstation suite certified which would make it 9. from Sony that also does not include devices from Samsung, HTC, LG etc.

Selling playstation Software is a priority and already Sony is well on its way set to start next generation to sell more playstation games.

yes no plan's indeed/sarcasm...LOL
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Instigator  +   1394d ago
Can they really afford to cut the price right now? Just 3 days ago the story about Sony's 4 billion loss topped the homepage. A price cut will only help them stay competitive for a short while, but slashing 50 off the price now will effect their economy for years.

It's selling really well right now as it is, so it's not really necessary until the Wii U launches.
cyclonus007  +   1394d ago
That loss comes from Sony's other departments that aren't doing as well as the gaming division. I think Playstation is the only thing keeping Sony afloat right now.
xtreampro  +   1394d ago
Well a slimmer PS3 is on it's way.
TBONEJF   1394d ago | Personal attack | show
deadfrag   1394d ago | Trolling | show
cyclonus007  +   1394d ago
The PS3 needs better bundles. $250 for the system is great but add a decent game, a downloadable title, and few months of Playstation Plus to sweeten the deal.
SuperBeast811  +   1394d ago
If you look at what you get though compared to the 360 it makes sense yes yes the 360 FINALLY has built in wifi but with the PS3 you get a bigger HD no 4g crap and rechargable controller gotta buy a $20 add on for that on 360 and a Blue ray player and free online you get a better package after that you just choose a system that has the games you want but the cost is around the same if you want the same extras you can have it all on the 360 (except blu ray)but you gotta pay
Malice-Flare  +   1394d ago
nope they don't, and if they do, it would be when it's profitable to do so. competitive is subjective, worldwide it is competitive, 360 and PS3 are virtually neck-and-neck...

maybe when the WiiES (Wii Entertainment System) comes out, they'll cut the price so that they can release a PS3/Vita bundle...
TheGamingArt  +   1394d ago
What an ignorant article.
FarCryLover182  +   1394d ago
If the next-gen truly is coming for Sony and Microsoft next fall, then why not reduce prices? They might as well try to sell as much as they can to get rid of their stocked up quantities of systems.
Persistantthug  +   1394d ago
We don't really know new consoles are coming in 2013.
As of now it's only rumors and hopes & dreams at this point.
FarCryLover182  +   1394d ago
ah, that is true.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1394d ago
With PS3 having the most physical out of the box features/possibilities and some of the sickest exclusives this Generation of consoles has ever seen. For it to be so close to 360 in price... it's foolish to not get a PS3!
Morgue  +   1394d ago
exactly. How many years did it take MS to add Wi-Fi or HDMI but you still have too pay for a MS brand HDD. Joke..
Drithe  +   1394d ago
The technology is old and there are far better graphics on the PC, so yeah, Sony could lower the price and get more peeps in the Playstation family.

It would help to say the least. I would buy another one at 199 just to replace this old 80 gig that I have now.
Forza_is_King  +   1394d ago

Sony is in NO position financially where they can drop the price of the PS3 and they know it.....actually we all know it since we have all seen there current billion dollar loss. Sony also knows the IF they took that chance and lowered the price MS (who is currently sitting on the only console to have 1 price drop sice launch and is making a profit of $150 on each 360 sold) would just drop the price lower and again make the 360 cheaper than the PS3 which would put Sony in even a much worse position.

We all know MS will be dropping the price of all 360 sku's by $100 just before or just after MS releases the 720. It's in Sony's best interest to just wait it out and see where they are financially when MS lowers the price of the 360 and maybe (a serious long shot) Sony will be able to match the lowered price of the 360.

Until then, Sony is in a bad position all dating back at the high cost and low demand of the launch PS3.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1394d ago
Oh go ahead and drop the price Sony. $199 price tag will guarantee me a third PS3 (want one for my office) w/o much griping from from the wife.
stonecold3  +   1394d ago
ps3 is quiet doing well even when final fantasy vs 13 comes out on ps3 most xbox 360 owners will buy a ps3 to play final fantasy vs 13 and the last of us same with mgs4 while ps3 is winning in aus new zealand europe japan so no ps3 dosent need a price cut to stay competive is selling more units and xbox world wide when you bring this into equation and how many xbox have been rebrought with it early problem
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1394d ago
LMAO. Not saying PS3 needs a price cut but FFvs13 will not move systems.
M83_  +   1394d ago
In fairness I doubt it would get a price cut. I was going to say it would definitety but then I remembered that last year there was a cut.
What I would like is a new slim, same price would be fine.

2006 PS3 debut
2009 PS3 slim
2012 A possibility?
Clarence  +   1394d ago
Funny. The PS3 only outsold by 34,000 in the US, but still is outselling the 360 WW. It would seem that the 360 is need of a price cut. If the PS3 does get a price cut you can guarantee that It will outsell the the 360 this year.
Forza_is_King  +   1393d ago
LOL last year the 360 was the highest selling console world wide. That is 6 years into it's cycle and the OLDEST current gen console and is still the highest selling HD console this gen and the #2 console worldwide with the Wii on top and the PS3 dead last. The PS3 has been in dead last since launch (don't forget the wii also launched the same time as the PS3) and although the majority of years where the PS3 has outsold the 360 world wide, the PS3 STILL has yet to past the 360. The PS3 is just not going to pass the 360 by the time next gen starts.

The 360 is the LAST console out of the 3 released this gen that needs a price cut.
#27.1 (Edited 1393d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
anonymous92348  +   1394d ago
You guys do realize you're arguing over which multi-billion dollar company made more money right?
Lucretia  +   1394d ago
wtf? the ps3 is already cheaper than the 360, has way more quality exclusives, free online and built in lithium battteries in controllers aswell as being a bluray player.

doesnt need to drop in price.

apparently it just needs to focus on its eye toy and release FPS dbz games in order to get more sales because the average idiot casual gamer buys kinect and wii junk. (The junk of those things, not that the systems are junk or have junk games) im talkin starwars kinect, wii-fit, etc
Main_Street_Saint  +   1394d ago
I don't own a PS3 but I think the price just fine, IMHO. You get a pretty good value for the price tag.
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