Nintendo 'faces a moral dilemma' over developer relations

Make no mistake, the past 12 months of sales and growth for the games industry were driven in part by Nintendo, it's Wii console and its alternative controller, and the push to wider and alternative demographics.

There's no denying the format holder's part in helping drive the games markets around the world to report record revenues and booming hardware markets in various territories.

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killer_trap3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

i think major franchises like dragon quest or final fantasy will have no problem selling on Wii. however new IPs don't seem to be doing well. take resident evil for example, it's a remake but still managed to sell well.

perhaps things will turn around like what happened on the DS. at the begining of the system's release only Nintendo games were selling. but once the installed base reached a high enough number many games saw phenomenal sales whether they were from Nintendo or other third parties.

wiizy3997d ago

no more heroes will sell , plenty of products will sell. look at carnival games, guitar hero....etc... maybe what hare should say is third party's face a dilemma. do they just keep bringing garbage to the wii and expect it to sell and maybe they also expect nintendo to advertise and create a buzz for their own product.. it doesnt make sense

pcz3997d ago

third parties only have their self to blame, for example, i might get zack and wiki but i haven't seen it advertised. people aren't telepathic how are they supposed to know the game even exists? the only people who would know about the game are those who buy magazines or look at games websites etc.. if a company doesn't advertise their own product it says a lot.