Warp Zoned: Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On Preview: The Xenomorphs Say “Game Over, Man!”

Warp Zoned writes:

One of the longest lines at PAX East was the one for the Aliens: Colonial Marines booth, which had one of the best experiences on the show floor. No, they weren’t offering free mohawks, but they were giving a developer-led demonstration of the single-player campaign, followed by a hands-on preview of the multiplayer… against those same developers. Sadly, we didn’t get to play as the xenomorphs, but that didn’t detract from the experience at all. And it’s scarier being hunted down by killer aliens when you know they’re far smarter than AI could ever be.

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rogimusprime2433d ago

If this game sucks, I will actually be sad. Too many letdowns these day. AVP.....letdown. Ninja Gaiden 3....letdown. Too much garbage getting past the filters. I'll buy this game on day one, only because the developers actually seem to give a damn about the story and gameplay, and got the blessing to make the content canon.