Dragon's Dogma Could Come to PC As Well

"Right now, nothing's off the table yet," admits Kobayashi. "But if the PC users out there really are vocal about having this game, then we can definitely consider it." - Hiroyuki Kobayashi producer

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NYC_Gamer2198d ago

Wouldn't be surprise because Capcom does support PC gaming

zeal0us2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Expect to see it with an DRM/SecuRom, if it does come to the pc. If the sells end up being poor, expect piracy will be the blame.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32198d ago

It would be cool to have a Vita version too?

Dark112198d ago

if they Really going to buy it , then sure why not?
but i don't think it will happen , capcom won't take high risk with this new ip on Pc.

jc485732198d ago

I don't know. This is Capcom we're talking about, especially when they're all about multiplatform.

GamingPerson2198d ago

high risk? they are charging $60 & it cost $0 to sell a digital copy.. used games are there biggest problems seeing that it's based on single player.

Mythicninja2198d ago

time to start a petition, this time let's specify no GFWL at the start

Mythicninja2198d ago

Why the disagrees? Is it people who don't want to see it come to PC? (fanboys)

deadfrag2198d ago

The game has already been shown running on PC along with the PS3 and 360 version,i dont see a reason for not release on PC!

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