How video games would play if you were the bad guy

GR: Gaming's odds are usually unfairly balanced in favour of the player, because that's what makes them fun. Who would enjoy playing as the ducks in Duck Hunt? Nobody, that's who. But just in case anyone longs to see what it's like from the other side's point of view, we've put together some control schemes for famous video game enemies to see how they'd work.

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Gaming1012436d ago

We know how they would play, just go play Prototype and Prototype 2, you're just a menace to society that any other superhero game would have you fighting against.

MysticStrummer2436d ago

They wouldn't play much differently at all because you'd still be doing a lot of killing, but the story would be different.

SonyStyled2436d ago

the ISA are essentially the bad guys in killzone and its the ISA who you play as