Oh Capcom, you so DLC

Capcom is fast becoming a publisher well known for squeezing as much money out of the consumer as possible, especially when it comes to DLC. What you see below is a quick summary of recent events that have earned Capcom the “money-grabbing” badge of honour.

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ashbc2435d ago

Capcom will probably make an extra few pennies for the bank, but in the long run they're only going to continue pissing off their fanbase and lose more customers.

Kiwii2435d ago

Everyone should protest and refuse to buy the content and watch the money grabbing bastards squirm.

aDDicteD2435d ago

well said there, it's really hard and tempting

NYC_Gamer2435d ago

Haven't brought a game published by Capcom in years

Emilio_Estevez2435d ago

Me neither, certainly haven't seen any reason to change that, other than Marvel vs Capcom 3, still thinking about it though. I'll prolly end up going SFxTekken or MK Komplete edition though.

Splooshington2435d ago


Is that a conscious decision to avoid buying their games, or you just haven't been interested in what they've published?

NYC_Gamer2435d ago

It's because of the whole nickle and dime treatment.....

deletingthis346753342435d ago

Shameful cash grab. 99.9% of all DLC on the market is fail. Gone are the days of expansion packs and unlockable content. Gone are the days.

NobleRed2435d ago

My Crapcom games that I bought this generation are:
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (great)
Devil May Cry 4 (sucks)
Flog(they published the game??)
Bionic Commando Rearmed (mediocre)

And it looks like they won't get money from me in the future.
They suck.

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