New ME3 class, Scream at Skyrim, Halo 4 looks like COD - DarkFeed

GamingUnion: "Welcome back to another episode of DarkFeed, the weekly show that gives you all the big news in the gaming industry, but in a bite sized portion. You walk away from the table feeling full, but not stuffed to the point of vomiting. The perfect amount of video game nutrition. After all, it does the body good... kind of."

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mephman2408d ago

Plenty of "interesting" news this week. I wonder how many people will buy Kinect just for Skyrim.

JDouglasGU2408d ago


TekoIie2408d ago

I think that this will be reason for people to "keep" the game and maybe some will buy because of it. Be interesting using your voice to shout :3

Waddy1012408d ago

How does Halo 4 look like COD in any way?
I have a feeling that no matter what 343 announced that people would say it looks like COD because of course every original idea is suddenly something from COD.

GamingTruth2408d ago

im a huge call of duty fan started playing since cod2, and also a huge fan of halo since halo 1, and truthfully call of duty copied much from halo even though call of duty came out first, i really am trying to see the similarities though, its probably just one of those nobodies trying to influence people hard as they can to not buy a game that many people are anticipating and have been for a long time

TekoIie2408d ago

I dont understand your last sentence... How would 343 saying "we gotz spec ops too brah"! take away from COD sales??? Or even vice versa???