Pax East - Max Payne 3 the "Most sophisticated and Cinematic Action Shooter"

At Pax East 2012 we had the chance to sit down with Rockstar to check out Max Payne 3, and what we saw left us craving for more. Rockstar told us that they are aiming to make Max Payne 3 the “most sophisticated and cinematic action shooter” to date. How exactly? Find out after the jump.

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ATi_Elite2433d ago

What happened to fun and great control!

clarkjudo2433d ago

With all of this great cinematic action. I am concerned about the dialog content from the thugs that are firing at you. The closest character and story line I can match with Max Payne is Sam Fisher. So I went back to play Splinter Cell: Conviction. I got to tell you, the A.I. with the repetitive use of dialog (cussing) still annoys me. So robotic, I call them Cuss-bot Thugs. Because of the constant ear stabbing cussing that went on. I could not turn down the voice volume because the game did not for some reason have that option. Is this something you have come across in the demo?

FarCryLover1822433d ago

Ugh that was so out of place in Conviction. I hope the next SC is more like the others and less about murdering thugs. But I digress... I doubt that there's a way to turn off foul language. I haven't seen it in any prior Rockstar game, but it is something that could perhaps be useful. Hopefully it is there!

clarkjudo2429d ago

I am not sure I remember if Rockstar's games do have an option to turn down the voice volume. But do they?

thegamefanatics2429d ago

That really did feel out of place in Conviction. In the demo of MP we played, the AI banter felt natural and original in each of the stages we played, I don't think it'll be much of a problem at all.

clarkjudo2429d ago

Thank you, this sounds better. But what would be an example and or meaning in what is described as "natural and original"?