USA Preorders Chart, 7 April 2012 - Diablo III Leads the Charts


There are no games in the top 20 to be in its final week before launch. As a reminder the Pro data is back up, which means that I am taking requests again for games outside the top 20.

The top three games have 200,000 or more pre-orders, down from four last week, and the top right has 100,000 or more pre-orders, down from nine last week. One game added 20,000 or more, the same as last week and five add 10,000 or more, up from two last week.

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kevnb2410d ago

I dont trust these charts, and the amount of digital pre-orders and people who bought an anuual wow pass for diablo 3 must be a huge chunk not even considered.

Hisiru2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

And why in hell would developers and publishers pay for vgchartz, NPD, famitsu and mediacreate in order to see the charts if the charts aren't reliable? Did you already saw the Vgchartz Pro? It's for deveplopers/publishers who pays for it. They aren't giving those numbers for free.

Your argument makes no sense at all. You people are always chasing vgchartz and I think it's just prejudgement. You guys thinks that NPD is the only capable of provide real numbers. In the end of the day, NPD is exactly the same as vgchartz, but with more OR less sources, so OF COURSE the numbers won't be the same never.


Gran Touring2410d ago

wait what? what argument is he proposing? Where did he say publishers pay vgchartz?

kevnb2410d ago

why would devs pay vgchartz? They know what they have sold...

Hisiru2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Of course they don't, it's a publisher's job.

Things like NPD and Vgchartz is just a good way to make a good research and see the sales of the other companies, it's good to see what is really selling and what isn't selling (in the industry as a whole, not just inside your company)

So you doesn't even know what "Vgchartz Pro" and "NPD pro" really is and you are hating on Vgchartz? Makes no sense at all. People here is always hating on vgchartz without good reason.