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Can a sequel fix the issues of the first XIII, or make them worse?

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iamtehpwn2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

How do you know Ranma?
"I will never play or purchase Final Fantasy XIII-2" - you

But on a lighter note, I wouldn't say this game was "amazing", But it was a pretty damn good game. About 8-8.5/10-ish range. Perhaps if it was longer, and the story was set up in a more epic fashion, and there were more playable human characters, I think it could've been a 9. It may not have been a traditional FF by any means, but at least it was a 'Good' game, which is something we don't see out of Square Enix too often lately.

I at least enjoyed XIII-2, which is far more than I could say about the first game.

brish2408d ago

OMG! Ranma1 is STILL trolling Final Fantasy articles.

Ranma1, you said you would never play the game so your assessment of the game is dubious at best.

catfrog2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

i enjoyed the game

SOD_Delta2408d ago

I just Beat it today. And I thought it was a great game. I liked the ending as well. I'll for sure pick up FF13-3.

The Rock Bottom2408d ago

You are trying way to hard...

SOD_Delta2407d ago

I'm not joking. I actually enjoyed the game. It's probably because I'm not a long time fan of Final Fantasy. So next time you imply that I'm "Trying to hard" think before to post. Not everyone shares your opinion.