Ten Greatest Vehicles In Gaming (Megabits)

There are plenty of lists of the craziest vehicle in games, but we at Megabits thought it was time for a list of the most enjoyable: these aren’t the super-speedy beasts from the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo, these are the runners and riders that appeared in non-driving games and handled in ways that enhanced the whole experience.

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thebudgetgamer2197d ago

My favorite car in a game is the Cheetah from Vice City.

matt19912197d ago

The Blue cartel truck from vice city was awesome to.

hennessey862197d ago

but I would say I have the most fun with the warthog

Mutant-Spud2197d ago

The Devastator from Mercenaries 2 LOL...but seriously, the Silverbolt and the Topachula from Just Cause 2 were great as was the MTA Powerrun, you can jump that thing up off the beach and into the middle of those fishing villages, hilarious.

TekoIie2197d ago

little pissed that the halo Elephant got missed out since it made for some awesome matches :)

dirthurts2197d ago

Minion from Twisted Metal 2.
Hands down.