Wired - Video Games Can’t Afford To Cost This Much

Chris Kohler writes: Electronic Arts was recently named the winner of Consumerist’s annual Worst Company In America reader poll, beating out rival Activision and perhaps more notably Bank of America, which it crushed in the final round 64 to 36 percent. We could probably name several companies that deserved the dishonor more than Electronic Arts, or dismiss the win as internet forum trolls having a misplaced set of priorities. But Consumerist’s explanation of EA’s transgressions is revealing.

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FinaLXiii2434d ago

holy mama that´s alot of cash.

EditorAtGNG2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

What a great article. This is online (gaming) journalism at its peak. Thorough analysis and facts that ultimately prove how we are getting ripped by companies like EA, Activision and Capcom.

"Games cost too much: Players don’t feel that it is a good value to pay $60 for a game and then immediately be hit with an additional $10-$20 charge for the rest of the content." - sums up the pain in the industry and where it is headed.

mochachino2433d ago

Eventually people will be so fed-up with publishers nickel and dimming that the AAA games market may crash.

It will just snow ball, more consumers will stop buying the games because of they feel ripped off, and publishers will give less game and more paid DLC to make up for the lost sales.

I'm already finished with Capcom and am not buying anymore of their games after they burned me with all street fighters - each version killed the last version's online community.

EA may be next if this keeps up - EA not only sells you part games for $60, most of the time they're really unfinished:

Crysis 2 (grain glitch killed the experience)
BF3 (PS3 controls killed the fun factor)
ME2 (runs worse now then when I bought it on launch, even the main missions are broken causing me to restart)

Summons752433d ago

Let's not forget Activision either, selling call of duty then realeasing map packs that by the time someone is done buying all of them they basically spent 60+. 6 months later they release the same game again with just a different subname...we shouldn't stand for any of this as customers.

StanSmith2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Great Article!

We're heading for another industry crash. This time it will be caused by the corporate greed that has plagued gaming this gen. Sales are dropping and gamers are becoming more and more pissed at the publishers. Unless the publishers change their act, then they're pretty much screwed.

But it will still be the fault of used games and piracy and not the clueless morons running these companies.

catfrog2433d ago

the clueless morons running the companies have to give reasons for losses or lower than expected sales, if they went out and said that they were blatantly doing a bad job, that they werent meeting their numbers because of their own mistakes then they would be fired. if they say that the problem is something thats partly out of their control, ala the used market, they can keep their jobs.

no one in that position is going to tell stock holders that they're to blame.

SandwichHammock2433d ago

Great article.

I love how the publishers on this "oh poor us" tip while they are still making huge profits. Maybe these top tier assclowns should release how much they make? The worst part is, is that recently devs are being made to chime in with the same note.

And a quick point out. What happens when a game sells really well? They take in more ontop of the already huge profits. What happens when a game "tanks"? They close the studio and a shitload of people lose their job. Yes, awesome buissness practices. You are the win! /s


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