5 Star Wars Game Sequels that should be made

Star Wars games has seen its share of ups and downs. With the release of Kinect Star Wars for Xbox 360 lets take a look at some of the games that have blown us away in the Star Wars Universe and as gamers would like to see more of. From games that allow us to be Jedi's, to flying badass looking spaceships and trampling furry little ewoks with our AT-ST's. This is the top 5 games in the Star Wars Universe that deserve sequels.

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TheSuperior 2436d ago

Anything that has to do with Star Wars SHOULD be made lol :D

coolbeans2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

...except for that one everyone wants to forget about :P

Edit: And I'm not talking about Super Bombad Racing

guitarded772436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Star Wars Battlefront 3 is all I care about... I'll take the other stuff, but it's been years since the leaked footage and cancelling of what may have been the best Star Wars game ever :(

I'd add Republic Commando to that list.

llMurcielagoll2436d ago

Oh yes Republic Commando definitely! I thought that they hinted a sequel in the game's ending but sadly I never saw any news about it :(

NukaCola2436d ago

I really want a sequel to Jedi Knight. Outcast is by far my favorite SW game next to KOTOR. I really didnt like the way Academy was set up. It was the FFX-2 of that series IMHO. I do hope they bring Kyle Katarn back for another showdown.

r1sh122436d ago

I cant believe that knights of the old republic isnt on that list.
I think those should be made along with KOTOR 3.
Personally I dont think the old republic is the same as the kotor series.

duplissi2436d ago

tor is more of a spin off. it is very much like kotor.

christian hour2436d ago

I was raging that we werent getting another KOTOR initially, mainly because i dont like the idea of paying monthly subs to play a game, and I sure as hell wasn't going to have a pc to run the thing so I was kind of disappoint that the old republic was going to be an mmo. Of course my opinion has changed drastically since then, i was fortunate enough to have a friend with the game and every few nights I'd go up and play as a character he let me make on one of his free slots. It has KOTOR all over it, it feels just like a KOTOR game but with so much more, need to get it into my life asap, getting withdrawl symptoms when im not in my friends house playing it haha. if yr looking for more kotor action r1sh12, i would recommend checkign it out at least, especially if you have the hardware to run it, every now and then they do free weekends where you can download and play the game for free, give you an idea if you're into it or not before parting with yr hard earned cash.

Guitardr852435d ago

@ r1sh12

The main reason KOTOR probably isn't on the list is because "KOTOR 3" has already been made. It's called Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you havne't tried it yet, do so. You will find it is very much Kotor 3!

r1sh122434d ago

will check it out when I get more time.
Got finals coming up next month, but after that Ill give it a go

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RedDead2436d ago

In no particular order

Jedi knight
Tai fighter

awi59512436d ago

old republic reminds me very much of kotor. it has too much kotor in it. Its a MMO and no one groups up they just play solo doing their class story or side stories on each planet.

Nevers2436d ago

I was a huge KOTOR fan... but was so disappointed they chose to go the MMO route rather than just putting out a sequel.

christian hour2436d ago

nevers, I was the same, cos i'm not a big mmo guy, and I dont like the idea of paying monthly to play a game, and i absolutely love KOTOR, but my god its just like kotor with the ability to team up with people, you also get AI companions and build a party, it has a very big single player feel to it compared to other mmos. And awi5951 i have only played the game in my friends house but he's part of a guild and they're always teaming up to take on the heroic4 and group quests, very hard to do on your own unless yr super duper lvl 50 or something, you see tonnes of people grouping up, but you can just as easily make yr way through the game solo, though yr missing out on some great times, community is fairly friendly, nobodys called me a nigger or a faggot or even a noob, everyones been helpful anytime I've played it. Got to applaud that because anytime i've played an mmo i've only been partied up with assholes haha.

Personally I'd love to see a new dark forces:jedi knights game, when that first came out on pc (dark forces 2) it blew me away, i still go back to it from time to time, would love a new one with Kyle Katarn, jedi outcast and jedi academy were good, but i didnt like the transition from fps to third person when jedi knight became its own little franchise. Still loved the games but would love a FPS sequel, "dark forces 3:jedi knight 7:outcast academy 3" or whatever theyd have to call it now.

mep692436d ago

what do you mean by Tai fighter? Tie fighter or star wars teras kasi ?
Anyway game devs need to get off their asses and give us a good Star Wars game that isn't an MMO.
I for one reall want a new Jedi Knight, KOTOR would be awesome, but it isn't going to happen

abombletap2436d ago

thank you for not putting in unleashed...

DarkBlood2436d ago

hey i thought it was pretty cool for my self though i have to say i was slightly confused at unleased 2 ending but either way anything crazy can happen in that universe

christian hour2436d ago

The first unleashed was a great showcase for the tech and really set the playing field for an amazing sequel that could have expanded on everythign they put in place in the first one... but we all know how that one turned out... such a shame :( unleashed 2 was piss poor imo, still have a fondness for the original though

TheGrimBunny2436d ago

I really wish they would just make Knights of the Old Republic 3, that would be great as good as the MMO might be, I loved the original two single player RPG's.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

so buy the old republic. it is basicaly 3. im about 60 hours into the sith warrior story and im only half way through.the games crafting,modding,crew skills and leveling up tree is much better than skyrim. by the way there is 8 story lines and 16 classes to play them. there is thousands of hours worth of old republic gameplay in the game (side missions also have deep story)

also revan is in the sith story lines.

if you want to play co-op then you can. if you want to play it on your can.

the old republic doesnt get enough hype.

christian hour2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I have to agree with SPAM-FRITTER, if you can run it and afford it, get SWTOR, it basically is KOTOR 3. I was very skeptical at first, and annoyed that one of my favourite series had gone MMO instead of a nice new sequel. I didnt want to have to pay monthly and I didnt have a pc to run it, i still dont. And as of 3 weeks ago my opinion was still "F*** it", its an mmo it cant be anything like KOTOR in terms of story and how it feels. It is everything KOTOR was and much much more. Now I'm doing everything I can to build the cheapest rig i can to play this game. I go to my friends every 2nd or 3rd night just to play a bounty hunter character I started playing as. Forewarning, its addictive as hell, last mmo i played was Ultima Online, never got sucked into another one since, but damn this has me sucked in!

also they just released patch 1.2 that includes legacy mode, lots of cool features included but one of my favourites is a family tree, out of all the characters youve made you can assign them as relatives, friends, enemys etc, might not be a big deal to most people but I think its a great new feature, theres a LOT more to the legacy mode, i'd be here all day, but it definitely has made the game that much more appealing.


I can't believe Rogue Squadron hasn't been made in the last 10 years THAT GAME IS EPIC!

PopRocks3592436d ago

Factor5 closed its doors after Lair bombed like a motherfucker. That's why. :(

duplissi2436d ago

actually they only closed their american branch, their german branch is still operating.

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