Next-gen console talk leading to more mobile and downloadable games

GZ writes, "All of the rumors and speculation about next-gen consoles are leading to an increase in mobile and downloadable games being developed, according to Epic Games CEO Mike Capps."

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joeorc2409d ago

with Apple, Microsoft , google and Sony all having unified Game platforms for smartphones an Tablets in the mobile space it's a no brainer. Just with Sony alone with their recent shipment an sales for last 3rd Q:2011

Recent shipment number's for Xperia-Line of SmartPhones

Sony Ericsson Q3 2011 Results – 22m Xperia phones shipped to date; smartphones now 80% of sales

Sony Ericsson has just reported its third quarter results for 2011. Sales of €1.586bn was up 33% from the prior quarter but down 1% compared to the same period last year. These numbers mask the mix change taking place within the company as it moves away from feature phones to smartphones. CEO Bert Nordberg confirmed that smartphones contributed 80% to total sales during Q3

The company shipped 9.5 million units altogether in Q3 2011

Sony Ericsson has shipped 22 million Android Xperia phones to date. The company once again confirmed that Android is its main focus as it moves into 2012.

no wonder Sony owns it 100% now that is quite a number of smartphones / Q: an with the Playstation Suite quite a number of smartphones per Quarter to target to sell Game Software and applications to.

that does not include Samsung, LG, HTC etc. even the smaller smartphone manuf. under Apple an Samsung have plenty of units for 3rd party game publisher's to sell games on even with lower shipment number's than the big one's like Apple an Samsung.