Fallout 4 on Xbox 720 Theories With New Graphics Engine

Techtorial: The latest issue of X360 UK and Xbox World magazine cited some pretty interesting theories to look for the future development of Fallout 4 under Bethesda's wings.

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DFogz2408d ago

Will there be a Fallout 4? Absolutely
Will it be on next-gen consoles? Most likely
Will we see it anytime soon? Very doubtful
Is this article full of nothing but rumor and conjecture? Definitely

krazykombatant2408d ago

Just gotta keep waiting till E3. Then we'll know if something might be coming next year.

NeoTribe2407d ago

Is there really nothing else to write articles about? So tired of this ps4, toybox720 garbage talk. There 2 years or so away.