UGO: Most Anticipated Games of 2008

Who wants to talk about 2007 anymore? That is so last year. Of course, gamers are probably hoping that 2008 is the new 2007 since the just-finished year was such a monumental one for the medium. Between unprecedented gameplay in BioShock and unprecedented sales for Halo 3, not to mention Mario in space, Call of Duty in modern times and a playable rhythm game version of Faith No More's "Epic," the past 12 months have left us all flying high. But what is the ever-growing segment of joystick-waggling, button-mashing folks out there to do now that calendars have been replaced with ones bearing a new number? Start arguing over which titles will top "best of" lists for 2008 of course!

Lumping all of the established coming sequels into a single category, UGO details 10 other spin-offs and all-new IPs to watch for in 2008. Feature by Adam Rosenberg.

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wageslave3968d ago

that list seems about right.

Personally, Im really hoping hoping for Alan Wake, Too Human and Fable 2.