Apple CEO Tim Cook Spotted at Valve Headquarters

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook reportedly visited the Bellevue, Washington headquarters of Valve Corporation earlier today, inciting questions about new potential for collaboration between the two companies.

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ATi_Elite2407d ago

he was just trying to get some new info on Half Life 2 ep3 that's all!

or he wanted Gabe to show him how to use Windows 7!

StayStatic2407d ago

Would love to see something like onlive integrated into Steam though, as well as allowing it to operate on iOS and Android Devices.

Imagine playing some Skyrim on your PC upstairs then continuing playing it downstairs on the big TV (this is assuming your set-ups are in different rooms). Also playing abroad would be great if you could find an internet connection to support its requirements.

Just some thoughts on how a service like this could work :)

Optical_Matrix2408d ago

Lol why? It's perfectly believable. If you knew anything of Valve and their position within the Mac business model, I'm not actually surprised that Tim Cook's gone to visit their HQ. It was most like a meeting to discuss how Valve can move within the Apple eco system.

iOS and the App store have begun to marginalize Valves presence within the Mac user base. The same will happen with Windows 8 as well if Valve doesn't come to adapt to the proverbial shift

Dark112407d ago

who knows , maybe apple going to buy Valve ?

well thank god i never liked valve games
but the fans will rage if that happen

F7U122407d ago

To quote the late great Steve Jobs *boom* :D

3GenGames2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Once you go Mac you never go back...because you're tied to all there custom services and devices for being a idiot and not making an opinion and trying other things and being spoon-fed tons of bullsh!t. Apple isn't better than Windows, and ESPECIALLY not Ubuntu/Linux in any way. None at all.

Probably got kicked out for being a related person in a terrible, evil, terrible company. Did I mention they're terrible? Ubuntu does what iDoesn't, it's the REAL Linux, not the watered down and dumbed down Linux Mac OS is built on. Apple can burn in hell for trying to be different and charging more for way less. When they switched to the processing Microsoft just left, Intel, you think they'd learn they never had anything better, as that's admitting defeat now that they took PC architecture for their Macs.

Value, by yourself, I'd support you all the way. You include Apple in any way, shape, or form, and I'll never give you a cent. Your choice, I'm sure many other people, especially your core PC gaming audience, will feel the same way and do the same.

dark-hollow2407d ago

God forbid apple for making everything simpler for your average Joe.

F7U122407d ago

"because you're tied to all there custom services and devices"

What services are you talking about that prevent a consumer from switching to a competitor because these services hold them prisoner. When the f**k has this ever happened? But more importantly when has this ever happened to an Apple user? If this were true then how do you explain the fact that I was an Apple user for years and now I have PC.

"for being a idiot and not making an opinion and trying other things"

So being the informed consumer that you are I think it's safe to assume that you've tested Apple's products and services for yourself, correct? So if you would, list which Apple PCs you've owned in the past and what exactly you used them for.

"Probably got kicked out for being a related person in a terrible, evil, terrible company. Did I mention they're terrible?"

Say wut? And they're a terrible company for what reasons exactly? Did Steve Jobs kill your dog or something? Again you list no actual reasons why Apple is so horrible, only that they are.

3GenGames2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

See above? Double post...

LX-General-Kaos2407d ago

It would be exciting to see that Valve and Apple were working together on the rumored Steam Box. Maybe that's what Cliffy B was talking about when he said next gen consoles must be bleeding edge to compete with apple. Well that's enough of my imagination. Have a blessed day.

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