7 ways to build a better end-boss

Your end boss is weak! But seven easy rules will turn your 98 lbs. wannabe evil ruler into a global threat worth defeating.

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THR1LLHOUSE2412d ago

Snake Eater had some amaaaazing boss fights. A few of them are really straightforward, but the two the article mentions, The End and The Sorrow, are really cool.

SybaRat2412d ago

I remember the Sephiroth battle, where you're dishing out like 10K damage with every hit. As opposed to when you first start Final Fantasy VII, and you're like COOL, I DID 7 POINTS OF DAMMAGE 2 THAT GUY FTW!

pbasson2412d ago

Without a doubt if im to praise Asuka's wrath. It would be for the fact if there ever was a game where God of War X Dragon Ball Z. It wud be Asuka's Wrath. Except it could have been alot better.