Gravity Rush Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

GR writes: "Gravity Rush is the PlayStation Vita title to get this Summer, and considering it's an action RPG featuring a girl who can defy gravity it's no wonder why it's the most anticipated Vita release of the year. After a successful release in Japan Sony are now offering some pre-order bonuses to the West, and they're hot."

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JonnyBigBoss2408d ago

I was going to get it anyway, why not get some free DLC while I'm at it?

My Vita is going to get a workout with this one. I hear it has great gameplay!

Kalowest2408d ago

"I hear it has great gameplay!"
Play the demo for yourself and see how awesome it is.

GribbleGrunger2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

there is no demo, i just looked

HarvesterOSarow2407d ago

The only demo that you doesn't require making a Japanese account is located on the Gamestop Vita models. Every unit I've come across had the demo on it, yet it's not available for public download off of PSN. I don't like supporting Gamestop when I don't have to, but stop by and check it out! It's worth a try and I guarantee your head will be tilted by the time you're done with it haha

dbjj120882408d ago

When I played this at E3, I wasn't too keen on it, but the hype is kind of getting me excited for it....

dark-hollow2408d ago

Sorry, my lovely 3ds, but the vita gonna take most of my time when this beauty get released.

MasterCornholio2408d ago

Thats really tempting but i doubt that it will be available for the digital copies of the game.

TheTwelve2407d ago

Why not? Sony has done digital copy pre-order bonuses in the past. He're hoping it happens with Gravity Rush because I'm definitely downloading it.


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