With Skyrim DLC Release, Bethesda's Words Are Everything

Techtorial: There's a reason why announcements are made in the first place. And for Skyrim and its much-awaited DLC, Bethesda's words are everything -- not from those speculative theories and critiques' arguments.

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Nimblest-Assassin2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Bethesdas words are everything? Yes Bethesda, tell me sweet lies about the amount of f***s you gave on the ps3 version of skyrim. Hint: absolutely none. Not saying skyrim is a bad game, just pissed of how Bethesda pretty much got rewarded after stealing from ps3 owners with Goty's for their buggy as hell game. Lost so much faith with the game reviewers and the industry itself last year. But I can't blame them... Because Bethesda never gave ps3 copies for review...and when they did, skyrim received its lowest score... The other nominees deserved it more. I'm very butthurt over this whole issue.

Snookies122433d ago

Yeah, I bought the PS3 version... Traded it in after patch 1.4 failed to do what they promised AGAIN... I loved the game itself, and plan to get the PC version, but Bethesda is just blatantly hating Sony. I mean, they released that whole Fallout/Oblivion pack game for Xbox and PC, yet not for PS3. Despite BOTH those games came out on PS3? What the hell is that?

Honestly, I wish Bethesda would have just stuck with PC rather than try going with Xbox back in the Morrowind days... Had it stayed a PC exclusive, it would have been better for it, and I wouldn't have gotten cheated out of my money for buying Skyrim day one. :\
At least I learned a valuable lesson. Don't buy Bethesda games on PS3 ever again.

360GamerFG2433d ago

You wish a game would not have come to xbox? I don't find that suprising at all

Snookies122433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

When did I ever say that? I've owned two 360's you know, I don't blatantly hate Xbox... I said I wish Bethesda didn't go multiplatform and stayed exclusive to PC. That way they'd MAYBE put out a game that isn't ruined with glitches since they'd be focusing on ONLY one platform.

Anon19742433d ago

I've been playing Skyrim on my PS3 since Christmas and aside from a couple of freezes and a mammoth once appearing out of thin air, my experience has been flawless. This game has hardly been out of my console.

I understand some people have had issues, but I certainly haven't seen them. I guess "Good for me." Must suck to be those that haven't played one of the best games of all time on their PS3.

scotchmouth2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I got Skyrim when it came out. I have both a 360 and PS3. Because PS3 was my newer system I got Skyrim for it.

Just like you I have had a couple of freezes and silly random spawn out of the air glitches. But nothing truly gamebreaking like some people have mentioned. Whiterun does slow down from time to time but it's not unplayable.

I think the problem with this is that what we hear is conflicted. You can read an article or even see videos of destroyed game play and in the comments section you get both players with similar problems and players with no problems. I've been analyzing the posts to see if there is anything consistent but it always seems there is not. For every post speculating it has to do with hours logged and size of the save file there are a handful of guys with a similar save that have no problems.

It's really hard to ascertain what the problems are at times because it's so conflicted. That said the support to the PS3 users hasn't been that great and that sucks. No one should be forced to struggle with a broken game. Let's face it... this isn't the generic internet usage of "broken" (ie. weapon overpowered, supposed balance issues). There is enough video evidence where the game becomes literally unplayable.

I guess the only step gamers can take is choose a different system if they own another platform to game on or take a wait and see approach with future games. Should a Skyrim 2 come out it most certainly be a day one for me because I don't want to spend $60 on a game that was evidently never tested for bugs or had them ironed out. I'd seriously have to give it half a year to a year and see what the community as a whole has to say. It shouldn't be like that but it is.

martinezjesus19932433d ago

Same here I've had skyrim for a few months now and even though I haven't gotten all da way through, because I haven't had time, I'm berely like 40 hours in, I haven't had any problems, I guess I'm just lucky, personally I don't get da hate some people have towards bethesda, I'm relatively new into gaming, tbh fallout 3 literally destroyed my social life, I got platinum for it, same as new Vegas, oblivion was okay, and even though I said I hated it, I still put in around 100 hours into it. All 4 of these games I got on ps3 and I've never had any major problem, yea a lil freeze and glitch here and dere, but nothin game breaking.. its a shame people don't get these game because dey hear its "unplayable" on da ps3.

humbleopinion2433d ago

butthurt is the correct word indeed.

It should be noted however that the four highest scores for the PS3 version of this game (100,100,97,97) also came from PS exclusive sites:

How far along the game did you experience all the problems you're describing? And if you did have problems, why are you blaming just the software manufacturer and not the hardware manufacturer? Is there any other example for such a huge scale open world RPG that can compare to Skyrim and does everything right?

ninavoljic2433d ago

wait and hope for players, as usual.

BongSmack2433d ago

Isn't this article about release dates? What are you all talking about? I guess I'm lucky to have the PC version, not that it was bug free, but all of Bethesda's games have bugs so no surprise there. I'm not ripping on Bethesda, games of that magnatude are bound to be buggy on pc's, maybe shame on them for releasing a buggy game on a console though. (Hard for me to say being a Bethesda fanboy for more than 15 years).

BongSmack2433d ago

I totally agree with this article. If people have been expecting something to be released this month don't be disappointed that we got nothing more than words. That's what was promised. I'm jealous of you owners of working 360's.