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Submitted by GameCola 1397d ago | opinion piece

What the Crap?: Warnings and Delays and Clogs, Oh My!


kent80082007  +   1399d ago
I'm quite amazed by what people could be upset with these days, shows how empty their pointless little lives are, and their minimal self esteem that is capable of being personally offended by every normal daily event.

You do realize companies put warning labels on their products not because they want to mock you, but as an attempt to be absolved of any responsibilities when accidents happen, and that there're certain laws that require them to do so?

Seriously if you think a message reminding you not to turn off the power while the hard disk is running (to prevent you from whining after your disk is damaged because you accidentally did) is mocking you and an insult of your intelligence, maybe you deserve to be mocked.
Waddy101  +   1397d ago
That's the thing, they're there because they're necessary. In this day and age people will attempt to sue a company over the stupidest things if they think they can earn money from it.
Take for example a case that happened a while ago where a woman sued mcdonalds because she burnt herself on a coffee and simply because the cup didn't say, 'Watch out, this HOT coffee is HOT" then she won a lawsuit against them.
Lucretia  +   1397d ago
@Waddy.....Your right in what your saying.

but that mcdonalds case was only won because Mcdonalds had the coffee far hotter than it should have ever been (If you roast it above boiling point you can get more coffee out of the beans)

this lead to the lady getting 3rd degreee burns! and landed in the hospital for 8 days. yeah she was a moron, but i've spilled coffee on my arm before and it never as much blistered. hot enough for 3rd degree.....yeah lol
Sniperwithacause  +   1397d ago
what a twit. I should now type up a useless article about this useless article.
karlowma  +   1397d ago
I think he's not criticizing the warnings so much as the fact that all the extra hand-holding either takes an exorbitant amount of time to actually get in to the game, or serves to remove you from the action.

Specifically to pregame loading screens etc, UFC Undisputed 3 makes me think my PS3 is broken with it's load times, but since I have to press X to get past messages telling me about autosave (every single time), I get to sit and watch it all.
tarbis  +   1397d ago
I doubt that this guy is even a software developer.
RankFTW  +   1397d ago
What a cry baby.
PersonMan  +   1397d ago
It's too bad we can't turn off the move instructions though. I don't even own a ps move, why must I sit through 3 screens on how to set it up. All of that crap should stay in the manual. Also, I liked it better when the system startup didn't have that stupid warning about reading the manual.
AusRogo  +   1396d ago
Oh wow. What a little bitch. Get over it.
Jensen  +   1396d ago
maniacmayhem  +   1396d ago
Who are the people who approved this article, they should held just as responsible as the author for writing this nonsense.
Starbucks_Fan  +   1396d ago
Who is this Eric Cartman?!
jeeves86  +   1396d ago
Does anyone else remember the people that got their panties in a bind because they moved the 360 while a disc was spinning inside?

These are specifically the kinds of people these warnings are intended for. Too bad the rest of us can't turn these kinds of notifications off. The author does have a point that they tend to get a little on the irritating side.
TheModernKamikaze  +   1396d ago
We really care about your whining.

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