Kotaku- Meet The Fifth-Grader Who Made A Video Game For His Blind Grandmother

Video games are for having fun. They're for escaping. They're for pretending to be somebody you're not, for machine-gunning through alien mines or hopping between cartoon chasms. They're for zombie shooting and portal opening and cube collecting.

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Jourdy2882431d ago

Wow, that kid sounds awesome!

CanadianTurtle2431d ago

This boy has earned my respect.

TekoIie2431d ago

This is no ordinary Timmy.... What is HE?????

In all seriousness hes a kickass boy.

Om3ga3702431d ago

He truly is an admirable person; not just anyone would make a game for blind people, and he's only 10 years old!

Jourdy2882431d ago

Agreed. Why isn't this story more popular?

gumgum992430d ago

Pretty cool. With that motivation, he just passed most of us up. Congratulations, kiddo.