New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Introduces Garuda and a Contest

Square Enix published today a new trailer of Final Fantasy XIV itroducing the new Primal battle that will come with update 1.22: Garuda.

It also introduces a contest that requires players to estimate the time it will take to put down the winged primal for the first time.

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Lucretia2440d ago

That Roman Numeral Still Boggles my mind lol. once it got passed 13 it looks crazy. XIII looks fine but XXVIII is gonna be funny to see :P

Crystallis2440d ago

Cant..wait....for the ps3 version.

trenso12440d ago

are we still getting that version?

Crystallis2440d ago

The ps3 will get everything the PC has once they release it on PS3.

trenso12440d ago

do you know when it will be released. last time i check it was supposed to come out around november or something.

catfrog2440d ago

still scheduled for around then, pc should be getting version 2.0 around the beginning of october, then around beginning-mid november ps3 beta begins

richierich2440d ago

Final Fantasy is dead to me