10 PS3 Exclusives We Want to see on the PS Vita

GamerFitNation: The PlayStation Vita has been out for just about two months now and gamers have gotten a chance to sit down and play titles, everyone has an opinion on what Sony should and could release for the Vita in terms of software. Well, I also have an opinion myself so take a look at the list below.

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GribbleGrunger2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

it would be great to get those on the Vita but i have to agree with those that want exclusive content on the Vita that utilise all of it's capabilities. the PSP suffered because of the very thing these articles are promoting. I want them, yes, but not if it cuts down on the reason i bought the damn thing in the first place.

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dark-hollow2437d ago

All I want is gravity rush. NOW!!!!

SoapShoes2437d ago

People are buying 3DS's for ports from the N64 and ports from PS2 and ports from current systems. Why is this a problem for the Vita?

ZeroG192437d ago

Not necessarily, the real selling points for the 3ds are exclusives like MK7, Kid Icarus Uprising,Super Mario Land 3d, ect... THEN theirs the remakes, ports.

The Vita just needs those certain types of exclusives and ports to really push it further.. I thought uncharted would do that but i guess not :/

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NukaCola2438d ago

I really want a good mystery game with tons of puzzle using the Vita's function. Cing makes Trace memory and Hotel Dusk:217 on DS and they are by far some of my favorite games around. I really hope that the Vita gets some exclusive titles that are puzzling. A Professor Layton or Ace Attorney style game.

For exclusives, I think Killzone and Resistance are on point. The Vita needs to show it can run shooters. And I am pumped for the LBP Vita title.

MacUser19862437d ago

I want to see all those but also a new Sly Cooper game.

Why do people always forget about Sly?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2436d ago

I haven't :( I'd kill for a Sly Cooper on the Vita.

Not BS you,, I'd KILL @[email protected]
lol jk but yeah that would be cool. :b

RAM-352437d ago

i wantt JRPGssssssssssssssss

RAM-352437d ago

i want JRPGssssssssssssssss

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