Project-Blu: Kinect Star Wars Review

Project Blu writes: "Originally thought to be a way to bring core gamers over to the Kinect, I would say they definitely missed the mark here with Kinect Star Wars. I can’t necessarily call the game "shovelware" as it definitely took some development time to put all this together. Kids will probably generally like it as a collection of mini games with a Star Wars theme, but the adults--especially adult Star Wars fans wanting to act out all their innermost childhood dreams--won’t get much out of it."

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GribbleGrunger2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

well the game certainly had an impact on 360 sales this week so whether the game is good or not didn't make any difference. the problem is that those that bought Kinect Star Wars are not 'gamers' in the same sense that we are. if you sold those people a stone and a stick they'd call it golf

once again MS prove that their marketing trounces Sony's. I'm a Sony fan so please don't take that as knocking Sony, it's just the truth, nothing more

CGI-Quality2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Define what a gamer like you is. I play mostly stuff that would be considered "core" and I picked up SW Kinect.

Also, not sure how this game selling 400k+ has anything to do with Sony's marketing vs Microsoft's.

GribbleGrunger2435d ago

in that they aren't going to go out of their way to read reviews, they're just going to see 'Star Wars' and buy it

TBM2435d ago

It seems my fellow Americans will buy anything even when its crap because marketing is thrown in their face smh. i would never spend hard cash for something the bad.

and yes your right marketing helps alot especially when you have easy people to take money from.

Bigpappy2435d ago

So you and the media get to detemine what I should play?

TBM2434d ago

when crap sells what else could be concluded from this? 90% of the kinect stuff is crap and it seems to sell because of marketing it looks like.

why else would anyone defend this piece of garbage game?

chameleontongue2434d ago

i still dont own a kinect or xbox but was hoping to read some good reviews on this as the commercial have done an excellent job advertising this game

2434d ago