Nintendo Celebrates its JRPGs with New Trailer

Pandora’s Tower has been released today in Europe and Nintendo UK released a new trailer titled “Wii RPG Medley” featuring the game, together with The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Relientk772384d ago

Now these are the kind of games I like

Darkieinthemist2384d ago

I agree this year has been amazingly good to us japanese rpg lovers, especially the importers

Lucretia2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

if the releases for nintendo's wii were like this for the 5 years its been out I would have loved the console. to bad it decided to do this during its last year of life. But better late than never

Baka-akaB2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

in my case i've been done with the Wii for quite a while . I've been only playing those games via emulation , while still buying the original games .

It was either that or modding the console to avoid their region locking crap , and still would have been minus the benefits of launching the games in HD .

So i can only still be glad for the big three jrpgs release of late on the wii .

Lucretia2384d ago

I was going to use the emulator aswell, but never got around to it.....theres still time....hmmm lol. buying them eitherway

Redempteur2384d ago

Finally !! A shame those games came way too late into the wii life ...

But for the rpg fan that i am , it will be hard to pass up ...

Instigator2384d ago

Was this televised? Posting it online will mostly only reach those that already know about it, so Nintendo really should do some heavier marketing.

Redempteur2384d ago

it's a little big long for tv so they might have put it before events ( such as movies )

wahn00042381d ago

Those that say it's too late to pay attention to these games should consider the "fact" (according to most rumors) that they'll most likely be playable on Wii U as well. The companies releasing these titles may have done better to wait until Wii U's release, since many have stopped paying attention Wii software. That being said, RPG fans have a tendency of finding the good ones regardless of release date.