Top 10 Credits Themes in Gaming's Jason Fanelli finishes his week of lists with the last track you'll ever hear in your favorite games: the credits song. You've beaten the final boss. You've conquered the adventure. How else would you want the game to end but with a fantastic carry-out song.

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You know I've never been the biggest person on the actual game tracks but I know there are several titles where the music really pulls me in.

Cennus2436d ago

While not a credits theme, the song that played while riding to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption was so captivating.

BigManFanelli2436d ago

That's "Far Away" by Jose Gonzales, another of the three fantastic songs Rockstar licensed for RDR. The third is Jamie Lidell's "Compass," which plays on the ride back to your family on the ranch.

Cajun Chicken2436d ago

Aww, list is missing the end credit tune of Infamous. But I guess the Mass Effect ending tune makes up for it.