Mass Effect 3 and Dick Smith Sales: Has False Advertising Deceived You?

Games.On.Net writes: “You’ll get answers to everything.”

One little statement caused so much anguish. Fans upset with Mass Effect 3’s ending went back to BioWare’s pre-launch statements, berating them as deceitful lies. The low point was filing a false advertising complaint with the American Government.

I was going to pass this off as the work of a self-entitled brat. But then Dick Smith came along. A leak suggesting a clearance sale worthy of the reaper apocalypse—games as low as $2! Then, when gamers tried to give Dick their money, little stock remained to satisfy. More false advertising complaints ensued.

Clearly, false advertising deserves some discussion. Are BioWare and Dick Smith guilty?

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Baka-akaB2433d ago

They are definitively guilty of lying and falsely advertizing , or breaking their promises .

Now i never believed them much to begin with , after seeing how they handled the choices from me1 , in mass effect 2 .

BattleAxe2433d ago

For starters, never trust a man who's name is Dick Smith.