Capcom Can't Spell 'Mercenaries' In Their Latest Resident Evil 6 Ad

Capcom has had a bit of a bad run of spelling errors this year. First off, they spelled Revelations wrong on the Resident Evil: Revelations box and now, they have misspelled the word Mercenaries in a recent Resident Evil 6 ad.

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Emilio_Estevez2349d ago

Again??!! This is getting ridiculous now, like the 8th time.

dark-hollow2349d ago

Its like they don't care about their reputation anymore .

rdgneoz32349d ago

They got rid of that a while ago in exchange for more money...

Winter47th2349d ago

Expect an announcement soon about a DLC Spellcheck.

inveni02348d ago

Am I the only one thinking, "Big freak'n deal?"

McDonald's is still in business, even after running a campaign ad that showed the front and back of a McRib while saying, "It's's front."

It happens, folks. Move on.

roadkillers2348d ago

inveni0: They did? Thats awesome

tigertron2348d ago

If they did they wouldn't continue to screw gamers and Resident Evil fans.

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TrendyGamers2349d ago

I don't know about 8, but it is pretty ridiculous.

shackdaddy2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

They just don't care anymore. I mean, no company does this...

GamePodunk2349d ago

This is just embarrassing now.

GraveLord2349d ago

Can't believe the guy who does the translations isn't fired yet....

snipes1012349d ago

you'd think an effect of them being under the microscope and scrutiny like they are right now would make them clean up their act.

guess I thought wrong

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RedDead2349d ago

I believe you have to pay to see the correct spelling

Bimkoblerutso2349d ago

Tsh. Stupid Capcom.

They forgot the 'Q' again.

BringingTheThunder2349d ago

i think they spelled themselves capcpcom in another thing this year

TrendyGamers2349d ago

It was in a Steel Battalion trailer if I'm not mistaken.

mamotte2349d ago

It's "ch" from "chris". So, if you want to use him on mercenaries, you should pay...

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The story is too old to be commented.