Orange Box Afterthoughts: Valve talks about how 2007's biggest game came together

1UP writes:

"The Orange Box makes most games seem shallow. Could it have something to do with it containing five frickin' games? Hmm -- maybe that's it. So with a ton of things to talk about, we contacted Seattle-based developer Valve for a nice long chat.

Seeing as how this Box has so many games, it'd be pretty hard to interview just one person at Valve. So we made this a team effort and talked to Marketing Director Doug Lombardi, Episode Two Lead David Speyrer, Portal Level Designer Kim Swift, and Team Fortress 2 Programmer/Designer Robin Walker. Whew!."

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InMyOpinion3970d ago

The gnome in the picture is from Episode 2. There should have been some kind of achievement for finding it and killing enemies with it. Gnome rampage achievement.

wageslave3970d ago

What the heck is wrong with this site? This isnt the original title:

"Orange Box Afterthoughts: Valve talks about how 2007's biggest game came together"

This is the title:

"EGM Afterthoughts: Half Life 2: The Orange Box. Tearing apart Valve's overstuffed box."

How did that INACCURATE title get approved?

The game isnt "the biggest in any sense".

Biggest sales? Nope; Xbox Exclusive Halo 3? Madden? Fifa?
Best Reviewed? Nope; SMG.

The game isnt the "biggest" at all -- WTF? Someone please update the title.