Winner: Vii meets the PS3 and a new legacy is born

Engadget writes:

"An eager tipster sent in a pic and some info on what appears to be some sort of PS3 clone called "Winner" – think Vii meets PS3. While the Vii concentrated on mimicking (horribly, but still) the Wii's feature set, the Winner is all about mimicking the PS3's myriad media functionalities. That means a photo player, karaoke functions, SDHC for media storage. But it's all about the (really crappy) games, right? Winner is going to be packing 2D and 3D graphics with online and motion sensing features (note the totally not-a-Wiimote controller). How much would you expect to pay for the privilege? Did you say $600? No! Did you say $400? No! How does $120-150 sound? At that bargain basement price, these things are really going to go fast; good thing they're promising 3 million consoles for the Japanese and North American markets."

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riqued3966d ago

Will sell more than 360 on Japan

Account deleted3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

i think that this system will beat the 360 lifetime sales in japan just one month after release...

socomnick3966d ago

Bet it has more games than the ps3.

chrno63966d ago

lol somomick, the no game argument doesn't work anymore, give it up.

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HarryEtTubMan3966d ago

just get the real thing douche wads... and that doesnt even look like a PS3

Maddens Raiders3966d ago

but I'm really concerned if it has Games??????? :P


Apocwhen3966d ago

lol, what a piece of garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.