Retro PC games tunes nostalgia

What happens when the boss and I start talking about old games and trying to remember a tune, I decide to rack up a collection of retro PC games and which tunes get you going

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DesVader2384d ago

Love the collection, Choc_Salties. Brought back lots of memories there! I'd add one more of my favourites:
1.Day of the Tentacle
2. Elite Docking music
3. Manic Miner (ok, its not PC-per se, but wasn't the ZX spectrum kinda a PC? Certainly was not a console) < Day of the tentacle.

granthinds2384d ago

Day of the Tenticle. Such a rad game!

theeg2384d ago

Legend of Grimrock is so badass

grab it while you can for like $12-$15

old school dungeon crawling!

buy it direct from the devs to give them the cash, or steam.