Character Theme: The Glorious Aran Race (Part One)

With each passing year I find it increasingly difficult to explain to people why I’m such an ardent supporter of video games. It’s not that I enjoy them any less than I did decades ago or find my interest in them has waned and stagnated. Quite the contrary, I often lament the fact that career and personal responsibility to my continued physical existence eclipses my unfettered desire to fuse myself to an unkempt scrap of furniture for hours on end while I mentally filter out the incessant aggravations of reality. Ultimately that would be the most alluring draw of these products. Forget my mounting debt and complete lack of an established objective in my five-year-plan, I’m far more concerned with guiding these impossibly attractive Japanese teens through a television themed hedge-maze populated with nightmarish vestiges of repressed human emotion. If my own malicious eccentricities manifested themselves in such intrinsically alluring forms I would be more content to grapple with the...

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