Xbox continues to reign amidst weak video game market -

CNET: "Microsoft's popular console is still proving to be one of the only bright spots in a market where sales keep sinking, according to NPD Group..."

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Anon19742440d ago

A don't know how the 360 is particularly a bright spot in a terrible month. They saw a year over year decline in the US larger then some other consoles we could mention.

I think the real story here is how far Nintendo has dropped off year over year. Both the Wii and 3ds are selling about 40% less than last year. Considering the numbers, that's a huge drop. It's surprising to me that so many articles I've read recently are all about "Yeah Microsoft!" when the real story, and the one more important to the industry as a whole should be "OMG. What can Nintendo do to reverse their fortunes in the US?" I haven't seen a single article yet that has even commented on this dramatic turn.

Captain Qwark 92440d ago

actually to be fair the fact that the consoles are still selling this well, 6 years into their life cycle is impressive. even with all of them dropping, selling hundreds of thousands of units this late into a cycle is impressive for all three, esp the wii snce the wii u is on the horizon and picking up hype

Solid_Snake372439d ago

Dude cnet is owned by Microsoft. What would they write about?

Gamer30002439d ago

you do know that CENT is owned by MS .. Do you ??

dcbronco2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

CNET is owned by CBS. It has never been a part of MS.

There is nothing Nintendo can do for the Wii. There best bet is with the Wii U. And if the rumors are true and it is an average console, that will be a failure. I don't believe the rumors on it's power though. That would be incredibly stupid to go for anything other than a high end machine. They don't have to compete directly with the next Xbox and PS4. But they need to make something worth a developers time.

Kids aren't into cute anymore for long. They will need real graphics to survive.

The Meerkat2440d ago

Could it just be that the market for Nintendo products is saturated?

Plus people buy 360 and PS3 for more than just games.

pandaboy2440d ago

Even if the wii's market is saturated, that's the story right there but we don't see it. I'm with darkride on this one. Yes, the 360 is doing well in the US, but it actually had a larger decline over sales from last year than the ps3. Although the 360 is going strong, the picture being painted by the likes of cnet isn't as rosy as they are making out.

Captain Qwark 92440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

@panda and darkride...

i dont know what you guys are trying to do here but how much it declined is not relevant so long as its still selling well and outselling the competition. and i believe it accounted for most of the software sales as well, thats nothing but a success

you may be a sony fanboy but trying to make it out like ms is in a worse position becuase of a greater decline just seems ignorant. sony is currently selling less, still in a decline, not selling as much software and just recently posted their biggest loss ever. i love sony too but take off your blinders boys, their situation is worse

pandaboy2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

@captain qwark

The ps3 was less than 40k behind the 360 this year in march and over 150k more than the wii. The console gained a notable market share in the US and was only down 7% from last year. Sony's loss also has nothing to do with the game division, even if there is an argument that it may inadvertently affect it. Can't we discuss this without throwing around the fanboy ad hominem?

...well I guess I can't since I'm out of bubbles :(

Darkieinthemist2440d ago

Dont be stupid dude, the 3DS LAUNCHED LAST MARCH..........

You think any system is going to maintain launch numbers? Really?///

Nintendo sells the most combined hardware each month basically in each region.

The 3ds is number 1 in the world each month

Frankfurt2440d ago

Last year was the 360's BEST YEAR EVER (and the best year any HD console ever had). Of course the YOY is lower in 2012.

Mustang300C20122439d ago

What needs to be said about the Wii that is already been obvious over the past year? It was on a decline before and after the Wii U announcement and even a price drop hasn't helped it. It is done plain and simple. The reason the 360 keeps getting praise is because it is making up 42 percent of the sales regardless that it had a drop. Most of the new games sold more on the 360 and consumers have spent more on it than the others. All this after going into the 7th year and STILL no price drop. Yeah give respect where respect is due. MS has been maintaining.

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StanSmith2440d ago

Xbox continues to reign amidst weak video game market..... In America!

GribbleGrunger2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

yep. perhaps the fact that in worldwide sales the 360 is only 2 million ahead of the PS3 now will be overlooked. MS are in a lot of trouble and they desperately need a price drop if they are going to go into christmas with any lead at all.

tokugawa2440d ago

lol the things people need to help them sleep at night!!

this far into the cycle, finish position is only important to fanboys.

cynosure2440d ago

Its 3.8 million ahead.
It will get a price cut later in the year and sales will pick up again.They will be fine

dcbronco2439d ago


the reason no one cares about Sony inching closer to the 360's lead is that it's so slowly that by the time it does it(and I don't believe it ever will), we will have been in the next generation for over a year. People have been talking about the PS3 catching up for 3 years now.

It's not happening.

Squall50052440d ago

Well they will hardy want to talk about Japan will they? :P

dubt722439d ago

Honestly, who cares about Japan at this point. North America is the big fish now. The best studios are here, and the largest piece of the pie, as well.

Dno2440d ago

Sales are down because price have not come down. The industry is fine. we are 7 years in and the consoles are still 300 bucks. thats the problem

StanSmith2440d ago

Exactly! Bubbles for you!

GribbleGrunger2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

yes, but why is the 360 getting outsold by a more expensive console every week? it's odd how the lack of games is always cited for poor hardware sales, unless it's the 360

tokugawa2440d ago

gribble perhaps you should ask the question of how the follow up to a 130+ million selling console, has struggled this gen?

or how comes the company that absolutely dominated for ten years could lose so much market share in one generation???

or are they questions just too painful to ask?

Wintersun6162440d ago

@tokugawa, it's simple really. First, a few key reasons: high price at launch, launching last this generation, PS3 "had no games", Xbox 360 had some big momentum with Halo and Gears, Wii had huge casual and curious momentum due to it's unique controls, etc etc.

And secondly: no company in any industry will stay on top forever, just take a look at Nintendo's journey from where they started, where they we're during PS1 and PS2 days and where they are now. I won't go deeper to the reasons behind Sony's market share loss, but you don't have to make it sound like it's something that's never happened before.

Hicken2440d ago

The first question is irrelevant, as it's more than rare for a console maker to maintain their lead into the next generation. But, if you just HAD to ask: being more than a year late to the party, coupled with a much higher price tag than the competition has not stopped the PS3 from selling at a faster rate than the current second place system. Oh, and last I checked, 60 million systems was hardly considered "struggling."

As for your second question, we could ask Nintendo the same thing, couldn't we? The NES and SNES may have had some competition, but Nintendo was still the go-to name in gaming, even into the start of the next generation, when they faced the PS1.

The questions aren't difficult to ask or answer. It's just a matter of certain crowds conveniently forgetting- or perhaps being too young to know- that Sony wasn't always in the lead, and that they're actually DOING BETTER than the 360 is right now.

Yes, that's right. Do the math. 62+ million since 2006 compared to 66+million since 2005.

Oh, and they're both still 30 million behind the always forgotten Wii. Yeah, it's slumped in sales. Yeah, it's not in HD. But it's still a current gen system, and it's still in the lead. Funny how fans of a certain console like to forget that.

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Wintersun6162439d ago


"So, here's a recap of today's pro-PS3 argument, just from the past three comments .

60 million - not struggling
66 million - in a lot of trouble"

That recap doesn't really describe my previous comment very well. I did say something like losing market share is nothing new in business, but when you count my comment in to that recap of yours, that's just absurd. The only thing I said about Xbox 360 was that 2 of it's exclusives had huge momentum early on this gen, which most probably allured some gamers to buy Xbox 360 instead of PS3.

dcbronco2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Sony's problems go beyond sales. They are last in sales and last in profit this generation. And I know gamers don't care about the money part. But for Sony to remain a company they kinda need that.

MS has remained ahead despite the fact that their console doesn't really sell at all in one area. Japan is a huge market and Xbox doesn't sell there well. Plus the 360 outsold the PS3 last year worldwide despite not selling in Japan. And after a few years of a major hardware failure problem.

So going from 10% of the market to 40% is pretty good.

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theeg2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Sales are down because the damn things have been out since 2005


talk about dated, i think walkmans were cool then, and vhs!!

lol....make new consoles......people have been gaming in 720p since 2000, and sometime the consoles cannot even do 720p....

alan wake was 540p on xbox360.......ewwwwwww

omi25p2440d ago

yet Alan Wake Looks amazing...

Wintersun6162439d ago

It looks good, but not amazing.

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