Wii U: Most Wanted iPhone And iPad Games

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Financial analysts have been especially brutal towards Nintendo, in large part because they don't think the Wii U can dominate the industry like its predecessor. Whether or not the new system will exceed Wii sales remains to be seen, but there's tremendous potential in the tablet controller, which could offer an experience not unlike the iPad.

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PopRocks3592441d ago

Wii U could benefit from Minecraft and Angry Birds (not that I care to play the latter very much). It'd reel in at least a small percentage of people.

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ZeroG192441d ago

Have you played Angry Birds in Space?
And people thought the first ones were addictive -_-

PopRocks3592441d ago

I don't really care. I can get Angry Birds for free on a web browser. I don't need to buy it. Especially for an idevice I don't care to own. All I'm saying is the Wii U could benefit to have Angry Birds on it in order to bring in buyers. That's all.

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ZeroG192440d ago

Whoa there, i said NOTHING about buying... but yes it could benefit by having it, especially during launch.

ozstar2440d ago

Angry Birds in Super Smash Brothers Wii U

you heard it here first