MotorStorm RC Review - The Digital Fix

Motorstorm RC is a PS Vita launch title that very few who own or have looked at the console itself can fail to have noticed. There are many reasons why it has grabbed the attention of folks all over the world. It’s the latest game bearing the name of a fairly new but well-loved intellectual property. It incites vivid memories of the mid 1990’s and Micro Machines on the 16-bit consoles. Other reasons are more unique to this title and the machine you play it on – the fact that the game is cross-platform with true cross-play between the PS3 and the Vita (a first) and the fact it’s available for just £4.79. For these reasons and more the game deserves a one to one attachment rate amongst Vita owners, i.e. everyone who owns the handheld powerhouse should own this game. It truly is a stand-out title in general and a forward-looking standard bearer for the PS Vita. Everything it tries succeeds and ensures universal appeal. However, if you’re reading this you probably want to know if you should believe the hype (of which you’ve just read more) and why you should do so. So, why should you play this game?

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Remmulak2434d ago

Seriously...I have played this game more than games I have paid 20-30 dollars for. Everyone should download this game right now. It is really fun. If you have a problem with controls, just keep playing it and you will do better.

bubwright2434d ago

I agree dude. A lot of people moan about the controls. I like them! It makes the game unique