Videogame Addiction debate on CHCH

Destructoid writes:

"CHCH Hamilton or E! has a small debate show called Live at 5:30pm where two hosts Mark and Donna talk about the latest issues with a few experts on the subject. Friday's show covered the subject of videogame addiction and I was one of three experts asked to appear on the show.

The other two guests were Mark Woolette, an assistant professor teaching pop culture at McMaster University and Liz Woolley, the founder of Online Gamers Anonymous and mother to a son who committed suicide in front of his computer after a year long struggle with an Everquest addiction."

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MrSwede3969d ago

I think the N4G addiction is worse...

zPlayer3969d ago

i'm defiantly addicted to N4G but i think that this could be comparable to porn addiction and drug addictions.

ban fans3969d ago

The commentators seemed to push in the direction of "video games are bad" when there was nothing to really back up the argument. The last comment from the anchor was something like "I don't know if it compares to comic books of the 50's or rock and roll of the 70's and 80's". You just had a professional sit there and make the comparison! He studies this type of pop culture and teaches it in college but you aren't sure?

At any rate, it is sad that some people have such a difficult time with real life that they hole up into addiction of any kind. I don't have a problem with a "gaming anonymous" type of organization, but don't point the finger and say that it is bad for everyone and causes suicides and what not.

Under that same logic, we should ban anything that people can abuse and/or cause harm: ALL drugs (prescription and otherwise), alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, bingo, video games, books, music, scratch-off tickets, horse racing, all sports, comic books, TV and movies, sex, and the list could go on forever, because if it is out there, there will be some one who becomes addicted in some form and abuse it.

End of rant........I feel better now!

n_n3969d ago

suicide infront of the computer with the game on... that's crazy! (pardon pun)