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Evolution Controllers has created something that every gamer on the go must have, the next step in mobile gaming, a game controller for your phone.

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Wintersun6162407d ago

How or where are you going to hold your phone on the go, for example on the bus or train if you're using that thing? Also even if you have a good stand for your phone at home, how do you position it so that it's not too far and you actually see something?

Even if you could stick your phone to the controller, it wouldn't be any much better than carrying both a phone and a handheld around, which is one of the things pro-phone gaming people often complain about. Also in reality phone games are still nowhere near the quality of Vita and 3DS games so even if this thing was practical, Vita and 3DS would still be better.

ACBAA2406d ago

shit like this is fucking the world up

specialguest2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The design looks slick, but it failed on one major area. Why the hell is it not attachable to the phone??

Here's something that is practical and has been out in the market for 2 years. The guy that made this started this out as a experimental project and slowly gained interest. This device will attach to almost all smartphones in a clever simple way.

h311rais3r2405d ago

Phones have Bluetooth...

specialguest2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Of course phones have Bluetooth. I don't think you understand what I mean by attachable. By attachable, it obviously means being able to physically mount and lock underneath the phone, turning it into one piece.

This controller on this article cannot do that. The icontrolpad which I posted the link can, and it uses bluetooth to connect to the phone. I think you're confusing the word attach with connect.

It's super inconvenient when trying to play games when you have a controller separated from your phone, due to the issue of sitting your phone at the correct angle or surface.

InTheZoneAC2406d ago

a controller for your phone? for those that are looking at this why don't you have a 3ds or ps vita?

Imikida2406d ago

I know right. The 3ds and ps vita have actual games too, not pathetic casual games.

StanSmith2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

It's not all "pathetic casual games".

I've got Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Max Payne, GTA3, Need For Speed Shift/ Hot Pursuit, GTA:CW, Rage, Metal Gear Solid and Sonic Superstar Racing all on my Ipad. They clearly aren't "pathetic casual games"!

Vita & 3DS are better portable gaming consoles, but not all games on iOS/Android are what some on here, like to suggest they are.

Nope they're not all ports. Mass Effect and Dead Space have their own stories. Mirror's edge and Metal Gear follow the same stories but have different gameplay from their console counterparts. Rage was on iOS before any other platform and again is different from the PC/ console versions. The rest can be classed as ports.

There is alot of casual games on iOS but there are also alot of original hardcore games too. Games like Modern Combat (which is great). Even Battlefield Bad Company 2 has it's own story. Many include online gameplay too.

It is a struggle at times without buttons to press, but iOS/Android games don't get enough credit on here.

Imikida2406d ago

@MARIOFTW ya but think about it all of those games you listed, are ported from consoles or portables. So they aren't really original ios games , just ports.

Solid_Snake372406d ago

marioftw please tell me how awesome MGS is for the iPad

specialguest2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Some people want it for emulator games. The icontrolpad which is attachable was specifically created for playing emulator games(ps1, snes, etc) on your phone.

This device in this article which is not attachable seems useless to me.

Agent_00_Revan2406d ago

I use a Sixaxis controller and it works great. I used it to play gta3, dead space, counter strike, and all my emulators. But the controller is to big to put in a pocket and go. This would be nice.

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