Pandora's Tower review [Nintendo Universe]

Nintendo Universe writes:

A tragic tale of love and devotion becomes the centrepiece for Pandora’s Tower, the latest action role-playing game in Nintendo’s Wii exclusive line-up.

A forward driven narrative grasps the player’s attention right from the start. It is the year 511 of the Unified Era, and we find temple maiden, and key protagonist, Elena preparing to perform at the Harvest Festival in the city of Halycon. Trouble awaits, however, as, afflicted by a terrible curse, she transforms into a monstrous beast and unleashes a devastating attack on those in attendance.

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CLOUD19832408d ago

Can some1 who buy the game already tell me if the PAL version have the Japanese voice track?

fossilfern2408d ago

I have it and I don't think it does. But the english voice-over is good

CLOUD19832408d ago

aha thx, so that's another pass.